Dan Newlin: Innovative Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin is a powerhouse in his field. His firm is based out of Orlando, Florida where he and his team of experienced attorneys help those who have been injured. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are best known for serving and protecting the interests of their clients. However, what many do not know, is that the firm has also been recognized by the state of Florida as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. This is a title that has been given out to less than 5% of all law firms in the state.

Dan Newlin started his career in the Midwest as an Emergency Medical Technician, then as a law enforcement officer. He moved to Orlando where he continued his law enforcement career while attending night classes at law school. Now, Newlin is head of one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the state of Florida. Riding on the success of his Florida practice, Newlin has recently opened another branch of his firm in Chicago, Illinois. There, he is excited to help the citizens of Chicago like he has for those in Orlando.

Throughout his career, Newlin has handled some high profile personal injury cases. He has won cases for clients who were suing insurance companies, workers’ compensation, or for medical malpractice. His firm also focuses on accident cases including auto, clip and fall, DUI accidents, and many others. In 2014, Newlin’s law firm won a record-setting case for a teen who had suffered from a traumatic brain injury after an accident in 2012. Newlin won an astounding $100 million against the defendant for the teen’s ongoing medical care. In 2015, his law office once again settled a case for a client against an insurance company for $950,000. Check out Dan Newlin’s page on Facebook.

Not only is Dan Newlin a formidable personal injury attorney, he is also an innovative one. Earlier this year Newlin introduced a new phone number for his firm to make it easier for clients to reach them. He unveiled their new number as “#Dan”. Now, when clients need to reach Newlin or his staff, they only need to dial the pound sign followed by the numerical keys that spell out Dan. Newlin said that he got the idea to create the number after how popular hashtags have become on social media platforms. He also knew that #Dan would be easy to remember, even if someone had just been in an accident. Newlin feels that hashtag phone numbers will be the wave of the future and he is embracing those changes.

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