The Evolution Of Visual Effects Through John Textor’s Time

It’s incredible how much the film industry has seen the displays of its masterpieces on the big screens go from merely an early roll of film that took long hours to produce only to show a quick silent black and white film, to bringing high definition 3D output along with the latest computer graphics enhancements coming right at the viewers off the screen. Not only has this technology created a unique viewing experience to viewers in the theater’s, it’s becoming built into blu-ray and TV sets in the home. Using a variety of 3D modeling software, enhanced audio and surround sound effects, and the best state of the art cameras and lighting the film industry has been able bring their movies to life like never before.

On IMDB John Textor is the head of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a visual design and holographic development company that recreates holograms of humans to use for all varieties of entertainment and video productions. Before joining Pulse, he was head of Digital Domain Productions, a film effects company that’s partnered with motion picture companies like Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, 21st Century Fox and others to develop well-known movies. The company’s first major delivery of a digital human actor that was awarded for excellent recognition was in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in 2009. Textor himself has taken to producing films of his own including a digital animation feature by Disney called Art Story.

Since leaving Digital Domain, Textor has ventured into the resurrection powers of holograph technologies. His reason for doing so is he wants to bring back to life celebrities who made a big impact in the entertainment industry and give the audience an authentic feel for what they did during their life. Celebrities he has created holographs of include Marilynn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur and most recently he did a story-telling holograph concert for Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard award ceremony. Other famous artists who’ve passed away that he’s looking to throw in the mix soon include Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra. The art of holographing is not new but Textor is looking to expand it into more productions and help people relive moments that were world changing. Other productions that holographing could entail in the future might be battle scenes from past wars, or major sports events and athletes such as Babe Ruth or Jesse Owens who changed those spheres completely.

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