What We Can Learn From The Contemporary Financial Executive, Brian Bonar

In the contemporary world, finance has hit a milestone due to various adjustments that have occurred. To be precise, finance managers and executives have been in the spotlight with their latest methodology on how to govern a firm and keep it afloat. Their strong work ethics has assisted them in maneuvering through various areas and tasks. As part of their responsibilities, poring over financial reports and statements is part of their daily life hence calls for certainty and financial skills. This task among others requires industry related experience since each firm calls for specific financial knowledge and expertise. Prosperous finance executives put into consideration the type of motives particular individuals and craft expectations formulated to let other people do what they are good at. Marcus Buckingham in his book, “The One Thing You Need to Know…On Immense Managing, Leading and Sustained Individual Success” noted, “In the minds of great managers, consistent poor performance is not primarily a matter of weakness… It is a matter of miscasting.”

Brian Bonar, a well-known finance executive, has been in the limelight as his career has reached its peak. Leave aside the looming deadlines, tiredness creeping, and other daily challenges, trust me, Bonar has been past that and even worse. His unwavering rational skills have made it possible to analyze various firm’s financial activities and make corrections where required. Bonar possesses strong communication skills that are essential in sharing information with other members of staff and executives in a detailed and consistent manner.

Bonar is now the CEO of ITEC, Imaging Technologies Corporation, one of the top developers of color management software and service organization for digital imaging hardware. The company has been in transition over the last 12 months from being a developer to a marketing organization. Bonar’s solid analytical skills have enabled him to identify critical points in the company that need to be rectified. His ideology of strategic acquisition has made the company expand its market base to providing imaging services and products. Brian Bonar was also written about by Modern Luxury.

Brian Bonar also serves as the Chairman and Director of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He also worked for Bezier Systems, Inc., at some point in his career as well as Adaptec, Inc., a San Jose laser printer controller developer. He also served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation, a Huntsville, Alabama based laser printer controller developer. He also worked as the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of color and monochrome printing solutions. Before holding these posts, Mr. Bonar was employed by IBM, U.K. Ltd. for almost 17 years.

Due to Mr. Bonar’s accomplishments in the finance world and leadership skills, he was named the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance (in the year 2000).

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