Citadel LLC Progresses With Strength Into The 21st Century

Citadel LLC has always been a name the majority of people in the US financial industry are aware of, largely because of the work of founder Kenneth Griffin who has led the company from its inception in 1990 to the present day. Citadel has seen its position of strength grow even more powerful after the 2008 economic slowdown after the company was one of the few to exit the period with a new outlook that has been turned into major profits. The issues that faced Wall Street following the problems of 2008 were not shirked by Citadel, who instead sought to find a new way of managing risk and for the financial sector to be regulated.

The views of founder and CEO Kenneth griffin on wallstreetjournal have a populist slant to them as he has fought for some time to bring in new powers of oversight and regulation to avoid any more major disasters in the US financial sector. Griffin has worked with US lawmakers in a bid to promote a systematic change in environment he feels will not only protect the financial industry from major problems, but also help protect the people of the US and and world from facing another period like that of 2008 and 2009. Much of this work and lobbying was done in private as Citadel was sharply controlled by Griffin during the problems of 2008. Plans were quickly devised by himself and his colleagues in a bid to make sure the risks that were now undertaken were properly assessed, which has led to Citadel being awarded top grades in many reports on its risk management policies.

Citadel LLC has not rested on its laurels in recent years, instead choosing a path that has pushed the hedge fund management company towards accepting the role of managing greater levels of assets for individuals and large groups. The company was founded in 1990 by Griffin, just three years after he was studying at Harvard University and decided to begin trading in his dorm room. The success Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LC have achieved in recent years has been all the greater when it is understood the company began life with a level of investment reported to have been just $4.6 million. By 1998, Citadel LLC had grown to be managing over $2 billion in assets as part of its hedge fund and other products. In recent years, Citadel LLC has grown to manage around $26 billion in assets for its investors who are hoping for a continued level of success throughout the 21st century.

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