Brian Torchin Expands HCRC to Europe and Asia

As per his Twitter Brain Torchin is the Founder, CEO and President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC), a firm specializing in medical care placement and consultation. He has nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare profession and is a licensed Chiropractor. His previous experience in the healthcare industry was the main reason Torchin decided to start his own business, catering to medical providers and job applicants around the world. HCRC was organized in 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has expanded to Europe and Asia. There are also offices in Delaware and Florida in the United States and in Canada and Australia.

Medical healthcare is a field that is always in high global demand for employment. There are thousands of staffing agencies around the world which post jobs in areas of healthcare, accounting, writing, construction, and etc. Unlike most staffing agencies, HCRC only provides staffing and consulting services in the healthcare industry. Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC offers flexible employment solutions to fill positions for medical doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapist, office manager, nurse practitioners, and more positions in the medical field.

Brian developed a network of healthcare providers and job seekers to help meet the needs of the medical industry. The network system organizes potential employees with professionals in a variety of medical specialties for hospitals, clinics, and professional healthcare providers. HCRC require all applicants to pass a background check before sending to job placement assignments. Job seekers are able to select part time or full time positions in desired professional categories.

Before Brain Torchin founded HCRC, he was a Board Certified Chiropractor and practiced in the state of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Delaware Bachelors Exercise Science in his early years and is now providing professional consultation and medical recruitment services. Consultation services are provided free of charge for professionals who are seeking to hire employees. Mr. Torchin’s goal of expanding his business is fulfilled with offices in United States, United Kingdom, Asia, and Canada.

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