Mr. Kenneth C Griffin is an American investor and entrepreneur who is one of the prominent people in the business and marketing sector. Kenneth was born on 15th March 1968. He used his entrepreneurship culture to start money firm famously known as Citadel. Mr. Kenneth is the Chief Executive Officer of the Citadel firm. The company is ranked among the very successful business investments firms in the whole world thanks to his best managerial skills. For an investment firm to achieve its vision and reach its goal, the company must have a well-structured plan that has to be strictly adhered to.

Mr. Kenneth holds a degree in Economics, and he is also an alumni of Harvard University. During his days at the University on, he decided to try the idea of fundraising to make money for management and shylocking. The idea coming from the in-depth of business minded guy got massive support with his friends, family and relatives all standing by him through their contributions. Kenneth managed the funds properly which saw the money triple from just mere donations. After graduating, Mr. Kenneth first worked for a particular investor before going on to form his own Citadel.

Mr. Kenneth has strived to make sure the big investment firms in the United States of America and small enterprises have the equal share in the stock market exchange. He argues that the largest businesses and small businesses depend on each other for the enterprise to have the flow. Mr. Kenneth further emphasizes the need to empower small businesses. When micro- enterprises are enabled the entrepreneurs and aspiring investors utilizes the opportunity by investing hence filling the gap between the poor and the rich in the society. Through Kenneth’s’ agitation on the economic imbalance the government reacted by formulating laws that led to shaping of the market structure to bring equity.

Mr. Kenneth being a high profile figure in the US has been appointed to various Economic boards. In such boards, him together with other economists give information on marketing strategies, statistics and formulate business structures. Mr. Griffin is very philanthropic as he gives back to the society. He has offered many donations to many learning institutions and early childhood centers in the USA.

Mr. Kenneth has a loved for art materials. Any time he walks on the streets and his eyes settles on a well-crafted art for sure he will buy it hence promoting the creative artists. Being a man of great weight Mr. Griffin buys the art materials with a lot of millions. In the political arena, Mr. Griffin supports the Republican Party. He gives money donation to many Republican candidates including the 2012 Presidential runners up Mr. Mitt Romney.

Mr. Griffin is married. He is blessed to have three children. Mr. Griffin is a staunch Christian and a member of Fourth Presbyterian Church. He is a multi-billionaire who has invested in the prime real estates. He also manages other projects in the United States of America.

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