Houston Real Estate Builds on Expertise

What does the word “home” mean to you? In the great city of Houston, Texas it means all are welcome to find that perfect home that pulls all the right heart strings. Houston is a leading real estate community. Houston gets the job done of making this town feel like home to all who enter. Houston loves people.

The expansive land boundaries within Houston and Harris County is rich with promise and a curious temptation for growth. From the wide, open spaces of Houston’s suburban and rural areas to the inner city’s calling for posh and upscale design, Houston’s real estate market purposefully takes root and spreads like the runners on a grassy knoll. But its real estate market isn’t any willy-nilly venture. There are extremely talented folks here and abound who know exactly how to get the balls rolling and finish the job right. It takes experience, expertise and an unsurpassed passion to make exquisite things happen.

Modern Luxury shows that the great city of Houston is in constant demand for only the best developers and investors. Indeed, the highly competitive market of real estate, investment and acquisition proves to be ongoing with no end in sight. With a respected plethora of genuinely involved, hard-working real estate loving citizens this town’s creative visionaries continue to top the charts.

One such entrepreneur and professional real estate mastermind has witnessed and enhanced, many times over, the dynamic footprints of so many of our glorious neighborhoods. This gentleman’s name is Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti is a world renowned real estate mogul who knows how to bring out the best in the real estate circle of life. A child and animal advocate who believes in enriching people’s hopes and dreams through the magic of a “build it and they will come” attitude, Mr. Barbouti literally changes lives.

Accolades to such partnerships as the Patrinely Group LLC bringing 1.75 million square feet to fruition in 2014. But, look out Patrinely Group. Dallas’ Howard Hughes Corp may be on the hunt for such a prestigious Houston-based position with partially completed projects already being pre-leased to at least one big oil name so far.

Additionally, to further encourage pops of culture, visitors and all things entertaining, Houston’s Downtown Redevelopment Authority hopes to propose a new agreement approach. By meeting with the former Sakowitz building land owners, adjacent property owners and a developer, the propensity for redesign and re-purposing comes alive one more time. Houston will once again feel the earth move in the direction of upscale progress.

Houstonians know, it may be a dog-eat-dog world; but the early bird catches the worm and apparently builds the better nests. Who will cross the finish line first is yet to be seen.

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