How the Recent Cultural Revolution Plays a Huge Part in Brazilian Advertising

The way that the people of Brazil consume information is significantly different than in other markets in the rest of the world because of Brazil’s recent cultural Revolution. It is a reality that Brazilian culture is one of learning and absorbing as much information outside of their culture as possible ultimately changes the way that messages in advertising have to be presented in order for them to be effective. In essence, to effectively persuade the majority Brazilian people, you must convey your conviction that you are a positive actor and contributor of the recent cultural revolution as well.
I will reveal to you some trends that display how people of the country of Brazil are best impacted. First, I will reveal the mediums that the Brazilian people are most apt to identify with, then, I will reveal the attitudes that best accompany the advertising medium.

The Brazilian people have a very personal relationship with high fashion and luxury items. Last year, Brazil spent $7 billion on luxury items in total, making them one of the world’s largest luxury item consumers. Identity is an aspect of the Brazilian culture that must be taken into account when you plan on conveying a message to people to the Brazilian people if you wish to be taken seriously by the people who subscribe to the ideology that cultural integration is king, which is a majority.

The Brazilian culture is one that embraces education and learning as something that is done for leisure, not just in the school room. It is a commonly known fact in Brazil that reading is an activity that is taken very seriously, similar to how tea is very popular in London. If I want to identify with the inhabitants of Brazil in a way that is vastly effective, I’d probably want to display covert advertisements of products or services in writings, on blogs, books or in newspapers. It should be noted that this type of subliminal advertising works very well across the board, not just in Brazil but the rest of the world. I am convinced that this is the medium of advertising that is best suited for Brazil.

Cláudio Loureiro is a popular Brazilian advertiser who has made significant breakthroughs in promoting the recent cultural revolution in advertising to his Brazilian brethren. A founding partner of Heads Propaganda, He takes a very personal stance as not only an advertiser but someone who is also a supporter of the very large cultural Revolution that is currently taking place in Brazil. Cláudio conscious has made a very profound attempt to scour the world for interesting art and culture all while integrating it into Brazilian advertising.

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