Susan McGalla Branches Out in the Branding Business

Susan McGalla may be one of the most sought after executive in the corporate world. She has worked hard to become a branding authority in the retail industry, and she has also allowed herself to expand her branding skills in the athletic world as well. I have always found this interesting because she has taken her skills outside of her comfort zone. Everyone that has seen her resume knows that she was already a retail expert. She could have easily stayed in this arena and gathered millions in earnings over her career span. With this knowledge handy Susan McGalla still made a decision to endeavor into an unknown world of athletic branding, and she has been quite successful as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is why she is one of my mentors and favorite females in the corporate industry today. She has managed to thrive and build an even better resume for herself because she has been able to take chances.

I believe that McGalla is one of the best when it comes to building consumer loyalty through branding. I am a marketing major and I have been very impressed by how she was able to turn American Eagle into a company that made billions. This does not go unnoticed in the corporate world. With her great success in this company she was able to branch out even further and eventually transition to CEO of wet seal. There are a lot of females such as myself they’re trying to break into the corporate world. Many of us are simply looking for some type of light or guidance to get us into this area. Fortunately, Susan McGalla makes a point to speak to females and encourage women in conferences. This allows her to tell others about her challenges. There’s a lot that comes with being a female CEO, and Susan McGalla as the wisdom to help others that are trying to navigate their way down this rocky road.

Many people may assume that the world of female executives is growing at an alarming rate. There are many females that have taken on roles as vice president and corporate executives for Fortune 500 companies, but there are still many challenges and barriers for women that are interested in acquiring these roles. That is why Susan McGallas is such an important piece in the glass ceiling puzzle that confuses so many females that are trying to enter this arena. Susan has the ability to shed a light on the things that are crucial to success. She also has the ability to pinpoint those areas that can hinder success.

As someone that will soon enter into the workforce I look for sources of motivation. I am thrilled when I come across successful people that are willing to show others the secrets to success. That may be the primary reason that Susan McGalla appears to be such a great example of what women can do if they are given opportunities.

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