Dan Newlin, on LaSalle, in Chicago

This fall marks the one-year anniversary that Dan Newlin expanded his practice in Central and South Florida with the opening of an office in Chicago, Illinois. Dan is a former Chicagoan. It probably has been a whirlwind year for Dan and his partners. Despite the plentiful numbers of law firms and sole practitioners in Metropolitan Chicago, it continues to offer to seasoned and newcomer lawyers in varying practices a client base that correlates to the level of marketing effort and client satisfaction. Dan Newlin’s reputation precedes him, and he, no doubt, barely moved in at 222 North LaSalle before potential clients began to call and appear in his suite’s reception area.

There are and have been many notable Chicago attorneys, but Dan Newlin -– his past and present — is someone who brings to mind Philip Corboy (August 1924-June 2012), a nationally known dynamic and powerful trial and personal injury attorney: Chicago’s own at Corboy & Demetrio.

Philip Corboy was the son of a law enforcement officer and an impassioned individual who grew up mindful of the injustices and tragedies that befall others. It is not surprising that he chose personal injury as the area of law practice that would give him great satisfaction in helping relieve the minds, bodies and souls of harmed and injured people.

Dan initially selected and completed the necessary training to become an Emergency Medical Technician at the age of 18, an unusual calling accepted by a young, caring individual. Subsequently, Dan Newlin entered law enforcement as a policeman and then a sheriff’s deputy. Because he felt he had more to offer the public with his background, he returned to college and completed his college education; then, it was on to law school.

Dan Newlin’s and the late Philip Corboy’s causes of care parallel but during different timelines. Dan Newlin, continuing a very successful personal injury practice, now has returned to his roots, opening a new branch office servicing Metropolitan Chicago, and Philip Corboy in his personal injury practice, has completd championing the same passion for people harmed and injured, leaving his exemplary mark.

If you or a loved one has been harmed or injured and need expert legal representation, Dan Newlin’s firm offers free consultations by appointment. His Chicago office can be reached at 312-888-8000, or toll-free 800-225-5326. He has assembled a group of super attorneys, each of whom possesses special skills and expertise that identify with a philosophy of skillful and professional help, care and compassion.

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