James Dondero

The co founder and President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has been one of the more innovative professionals in the financial industry. He has helped build his company Highland Capital into one of the better known firms in the United States. His firm has participated in a number of financial transactions which have helped make investment opportunities better for companies as well as private individuals. The firm he runs offers a number of investment opportunities which include hedge funds, mutual funds and real estate investment trusts. Dondero’s firm also specializes in Collateralized Loan Obligation markets which provide credit sources for a number of different investors. Before Dondero founded his company in 1993 he attended college in which he majored in accounting and finance. He graduated from the University of Virginia where he graduated with high honors. This helped distinguish him as a graduate and would help him land his first ever job. The education he received enabled him to get the knowledge necessary to help build on during his career. It was also helpful in allowing him to get professional certifications such as Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. After completing his education, Dondero began his working career at Morgan Guaranty in 1984 where he was an analyst in the firm’s training program. He had a successful stint at this firm which helped him move on to another opportunity. His next job was at American Express where he was a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager. This allowed him to get some extensive experience in investment management which would allow him to move up to another lucrative position. James would get a new position in 1989 at HCM where he was the chief investment officer. This position allowed him to develop the GIC subsidiary Protective Life which eventually built a fund up to 2 billion over a span of four years. These stints have helped shape his career and give him the experience he needed in order to start his own firm. In 1993, he started his own firm Highland Capital Management which is still operating today. When Dondero is not participating in business, he spends his time with charitable activities. James is well known to be a big philanthropist and contributes to a number of important causes. These causes are veterans affairs, education and public policy. With his contributions to these causes, he is able to help his community improve as well as the lives of others. Since education is important for people to get better opportunities, Dondero has contributed to this cause in order to help others get the knowledge they need to reach their goals. Contributing to veterans affairs has helped give veterans a number of additional benefits to help them get better opportunities in things such as employment, healthcare and education. Lastly his contributions to public policy have helped make his community a better place to live and conduct business. As a result, James Dondero has made valuable contributions to not only the financial sector but also his own community as well.

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