Moving Technology Forward: Eric Pulier

The Computer Science Corporations is an American based business located in Falls Church, Virginia, It was founded in April of 1959 by Roy Nutt and Flethcer R Jones. The company is a leader in Information technology services as well as professional services. They house over 74,000 employees in over 70 countries around the globe and its client base consists of commercial enterprises as well as the U.S federal government, they also assist many non-government related agencies. The company operates in three broad service sectors, the North American sector, which acts as one of the major IT providers for the federal government. These include the United States Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency and Homeland Security. The second is Managed Services and the third is Business Solutions and Services.

CSC has been named one of the top 100 Federal Contractors as well as being ranked 8th in Software Magazines Software 500 ranking of the largest providers of software and service providers. CSC sponsored a national cycling team by the name of CSC. It was in operation from 1998 until 2014 in Denmark and from 2014 on in Russia.

In Los Angeles where the company was first founded, resides Eric Pulier anaccomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist.
He’s written books such as “understanding Enterprise SOA” with Hugh Taylor and not only
stunning us with his devilishly good looks But with his innovative ideas to use technology to
help children with physical disabilities around the world. Graduating in 1988 Magna Cum Laude
from Harvard, in 1994 he founded Digital evolution moving onward
to become chief executive officer of stemulis in 2015. Eric Pulier has been a donor to several non profits, he is also a board member of the X-prize Foundation which is a competition held with the purpose of solving some of humanities greatest problems.

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