A Passionate or Obsessive Art Collector – You Decide

People outside the world of art may have a difficult time understanding the passion of an avid art collector; they may view it as an obsessive disorder.

An obsessive art collector is someone who has the available funds to purchase works of art and more often than not, they will build their living space to accommodate their acquired artwork. For instance, they may build an addition to their current home just to display the art.

Anyone can acquire a beautiful piece of art (or two) with the right advice and some cash. But it takes passion, patience, dedication and talent to make a smart art purchase over and over again. Guided intelligence is needed to create a large art collection that is not only coherent, but engaging.

At the tender age of 45, Adam Sender has accomplished this and acquired an extensive collection of art. He has gathered pieces of artwork from the best and most talented contemporary artists from around the world.

At a Sotheby auction, there was about 400 pieces (from more than 138 different artists) from the Sender Collection on display. This was the largest block by a single person and this does not represent Mr. Sender’s entire collection.

Although he is proud of this collection, Adam Sender is also proud by the purchases that he did not make. He started collecting in the mid 1990’s and he describes himself as a pursuer of great works from established artists who have a long and prosperous future. Sender continues to state that he choice of artwork purchases need to have a level of intellectually stimulation as well as be visually appealing. He will continue to purchase new artwork as he sees fit. Senders’ was quoting in saying that “I am passionate about every piece that I purchase”.

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