Reward Your Dog With All The Varieties Of Beneful

What did I sign up for when I brought my dog home from the pet store? He is a lot of responsibility, but he is my best friend! I am so lucky to have this furry companion to take the long journey of life with me. I know he won’t live forever, but he is a great companion, and I want to treat him right. That’s why I buy him the best dog food I can find. I buy him a variety of Beneful dog foods, and he seems like he enjoys the variety. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.

Variety For My Dog

He doesn’t get to go shopping with me, so I have to help find varieties of the food he likes, so he will be happy with life. I get him Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. The kind I usually get is made with salmon. He loves those kibbles! I didn’t start him out on that kind though. When he was a puppy he was eating Beneful Healthy Puppy. The puppy food was made with real chicken, so I figured it was a good choice for my dog on I know he was wagging his tail a lot, so I must have done something right!

I’ve always treated my dog right with the best treats I can find. I get him two different types. Beneful on youtube has a lot of options to choose from, so I get their brand of treats. I get the Baked Delights, and I usually get the type of Baked Delights that are called Hugs. They have so many to choose from, so once in a while I’ll mix up my choice to see if he still likes it. I’ve also tried the type of Beneful Baked Delights called Snackers. He is pretty happy with mostly anything I get him because he’s my pal!

We do a lot together, really. We eat breakfast and dinner together. We go on walks together. We even started going on bike rides together when I bought the extension for my bike for him to sit in when I ride. I think he likes riding with me, but he likes going on walks better because he gets to get out and sniff new things. I’m proud of my fury companion, and I try to take him with me every where I go around the town.

A Villanova Grad-Turned Modern Day Renaissance Man

Life after college is always a mystery. Here’s a story of one man who saw lacrosse in his future, but ended up doing way more. Jon Urbana has been active in a number of different worlds, and here are just a  few.

Jon’s Aviation Career

Jon Urbana has received a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Over the course of many years of development, pilot certification standards have started to become harder to achieve, because they want to have a minimal amount of pilots who are not ready for certification accidentally causing accidents. It is highly recommended that everyone fly with a pilot who is certified. Urbana, who can be seen flying here, was at one point in his life recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and he was then added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database.

Urbana’s Business Ventures

Jon is currently working with Ellipse USA and the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Being the great businessman that he is, he is the director of Ellipse USA and the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. When Urbana was younger, he went to Villanova University for school and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in  Economics between 2001 and 2005. For the past 3 years he has been working for Ellipse USA (since 2013). He helps in overseeing the development in the information of Ellipe’s IPL and Laser types of technologies, also acting as an ambassador at conferences (full list of presentations). He also stays connected with the regional managers and helps to look after the Marketing Department and the Marketing Materials. Jon has done many great things on Yahoo Answers in his career, including helping to put together and teach a lacrosse based camp that was meant for young people in Colorado.

Jon Urbana’s Career in Photography

Jon Urbana has some beautiful pictures. His pictures range from nature, to cute kittens. He has a skill in photography that can not be matched. His pictures are so life-like and beautiful, that they are good enough to be showcased. Everyone can tell, when looking at Jon Urbana’s pictures, that he is a nature lover and also a natural with the camera a a photographer. Jon knows that even if your camera is not the best, it does not matter, as long as you know the limitations that come with your camera and how to get past them. This makes him an amazing photographer, and an even better person.

Jon’s Social Media Links

Jon Urbana on Facebook

Jon Urbana on Twitter

@jonurbana on Instagram

Jon Urbana’s Official Blog


Understanding the Contribution of Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG

Business in the modern world has become a complicated affair for some individuals, while others have been able to sail through seamlessly. The fact that there are many tools available for businesses makes it easy for one to manage a business and to get information that can lead to an improvement of things. However, this does not make it binding that anyone can easily manage a business. Some have not been able to succeed and this is attributed to lack of skills and most importantly research skills, which are necessary while learning about market changes and how to adjust accordingly. Banking in Brazil has been characterized with various changes and more companies investing in the field. BMG, despite working for more than 30 years, is one of the most reliable companies in that market and they are hopeful about future growth.

An article posted on explains about recent developments, where BMG signed a contract with Mercelo Melo, a tennis player. The economic partnership will lead to the receipt of sponsorship by Mercelo from BMG. Ricardo Guimarães explains that this is one of the necessary steps the company has embarked on to ensure they are able to fulfill their promise to the society. This adds up to an act that fulfills their corporate social responsibility, where the company has been able to sponsor sporting activities and other funds channeled to environmental conservation.

Marcelo Melo is a reliable player who has won several other competitions before and Ricardo Guimarães is confident that in the forthcoming Olympics competitions in 2016, he will be able to emerge at the top with victory. BMG, according to Ricardo Guimarães, will offer both financial as well as material assistance, which will allow Marcelo to embark on his training seamlessly to prepare for the 2016 Olympics. Marcelo has also confirmed that he is happy with the move by the company and that he is ready to reciprocate by offering victory and making them proud.

Ricardo Guimarães has offered support for the actualization of various projects by BMG. He explains that getting in touch with the public and assisting in various issues has allowed the company to gain a positive reputation, which has kept them moving. He is also optimistic that the relationship with Marcelo will last even after the competitions in 2016. Offering support for young talents has allowed many young individuals to rise to international ranks, something that has improved the lives of many people in the society.

Handy’s New Tipping Feature

Handy, one of the hottest phone applications out today, is a place like Uber where home cleaners — instead of drivers — can list their services. Handy currently operates in around twenty-five areas around the world. This is because there is a grueling application and screening process that all applicants must go through to get listed on Handy.

Home cleaning professionals are now able to receive tips through the application that owners can give after coming home to a clean home. If they are impressed or think the cleaner went above and beyond their duties, they are able to receive tips through the app instead of from client to cleaner.

Handy was founded by two roommates that attended Harvard College in Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy originally started when the two founders could not easily found someone to clean an apartment, home, or other type of living space. Handy is so popular partly because it is free to browse but even more so because of the high-quality cleaning services that the average cleaning professional will provide.

Clients do not have to pay Handy any money for using the app or booking cleaning services, as only the cleaners themselves have to pay around a twenty percent service fee for using Handy to book their services. There are few other places where home cleaners can list their services for hire other than classifieds in newspaper or around bulletin boards, but these methods do not offer nearly as much exposure as Handy does.

Cleaners are much more likely to receive tips when there is an option to offer gratuity rather than paying it in person. Apps such as Lyft and Uber have experienced this after implementing the option for customers and clients with the ability to leave a tip on the app rather than in cash, in person. Many people do not think about tipping as the price to use Uber or Lyft is pretty high, especially if somebody already owns a car.

Highland Capital Management’s Healthcare Fund Wins the 2015 Performance Award

Recently, Highland Capital Management announced that its Long/Short Healthcare Fund was the recipient of the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award for 2015 under the category of 40 Act fund equity. The investment management company has roughly $20 billion worth of assets under its management. According to Jim Dondero, winning the award was a testament to the huge experience of Michael Gregory and his team in healthcare investment.

Michael Gregory manages the Highland Long/Short Hedge Fund and serves as the head and managing director of Healthcare Credit and Equity at Highland Capital Management. In addition, Michael Gregory is the head of Highland Alternative Investors globally. He is also the chief investment officer of the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Awards. These performance awards seek to identify hedge funds, ’40 Act funds, and funds of funds that stand out from their peers based on various quantitative and qualitative aspects. While making their decisions, judges take into account performance data over periods of one, three, and five year periods. Additionally, the subsisting reputation with investors and the pedigree of the manager is also reviewed.
Healthcare is the leading line of investment for Highland Capital Management. This portfolio has more than $3 billion worth of assets under its management. The firm has committed a team of 11 specialists in the healthcare sector. Speaking about the award, Michael Gregory noted that the firm remained focused on offering strong and repeatable performances for its investors. He added that the award showed the success of the company’s investment process and its risk management infrastructure.
The aim of Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is to offer investors with capital appreciation on the long term by combining effective risk management with the alpha generating potential. This is from short and long investments in public equities within the healthcare industry’s market capitalization transversely.
Presently, Jim lives in Dallas, Texas. Jim has worked in the credit and equity markets for more than 30 years. He has vast experience when it comes to managing investments. He has largely focused on distressed and high yield investments. Jim pioneered collateralized loan obligations (CLO) with Highland Capital Management. With this success, he has continued to create credit-oriented solutions for retail investors and institutional investors.
Jim is a Certified Management Accountant. He is also a renowned Chartered Financial Analyst. Jim is the chairman for the boards of CSS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Additionally, he serves in the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Prior to forming Highland Capital Management, Jim worked at the Morgan Guaranty Training Program, American Express and GIC.

Eric Pulier Is A Man Dedicated To Many Causes

Eric Pulier is a man that is known as a super entrepreneur. Eric Pulier graduated from high school in 1985 from Teaneck New Jersey. Later on he went to Harvard University and obtained his bachelors of arts and he graduated magna cum laude. While he was studying in Harvard he found a big interest in computer science. He also loved things such as American literature and environmental studies.

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey but later in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles. He founded the company PDT which stands for People Doing Things. This was a health care company that helps people with things like education and other healthcare issues. Next he founded Digital Evolution. Later on this company combined with US Interactive. A very popular business that Eric started was called Starbright World which is a private social network that helps children that are chronically ill. The reason that Eric Pulier is known as a super entrepreneur is because he helped start some 15 different companies. Such as US interactive, Servicemash, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Mr. Pulier is a man that is dedicated to many causes, and he has done much more than just be an avid entrepreneur.

Eric Pulier is known to be a technologist, a columnists, a public speaker, an author and a philanthropist. As a philanthropist he has done much to raise funds for many educational programs to help people that are suffering with multiple sclerosis to get education and treatment for the disease. Eric is also known as one of the founding donors for the ACE foundation this is a foundation that is dedicated to shaping how software is built. This is a nonprofit organization that helps to deal with many of the humanitarian issues that go on around the world. Apart from that Eric has helped in funding and organizing of many other nonprofit organizations that encourage technical development that can benefit individuals all around the world.

Even though Eric is a man that keeps himself very busy when it comes to his work, his writing, his business and his philanthropy, he makes sure to keep himself very active in his children’s life. He is the father of four children, and he lives in Los Angeles with them. He is a person that not only has reached out to help others in the community, but he is an awesome father and friend.

Beneful Dog Foods Made With Real Ingredients

I know my dog’s favorite food because I care about her. Do you know your dog’s favorite food? You should know it because it makes the dog happy to enjoy its food. I tried all kinds of foods with my dog, and she had her favorites along the way. She likes the taste of Beneful Chopped Blends. She likes a few of the flavors. Her favorite is the Chopped Blends made with chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice. She chows down when I get her that one. I try to get her what she likes, but I want her to have new tastes. I bought her a new flavor of the Chopped Blends by Beneful. This flavor is one she’s never tried before. It’s made with chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. I don’t know if she likes tomatoes or not, so we will have to see. If she doesn’t like them, then she will most likely eat the rest of it. She’s pretty easy to please, but I want her to have the best.

I bought her the cheap kind of food a few times when she was a puppy, and I feel really bad about it to this day, so I don’t want to make that same mistake again. I do my best to figure these things out, and I care about the pets and family members in my life. I want them to have the best that my money can buy.

Nutrition Is Important, And So Is Exercise

Treat your dog right. The dog is man’s best friend, so man (and woman) should do everything they can to return the loyalty to their furry friend. I want my dog to be happy in her life. We go on walks as often as possible. I try to take her in the mornings before I go to work so that she gets to sniff around the neighborhood. I want her to have enough food, so I also put dry food out for her during the day. I try to follow my vet’s recommendations whenever I can, but I want there to be food out because she is home alone. I bought her Beneful Dry Dog Food Original with real chicken. She likes that one and the Beneful Dry Dog Food with real beef. I like her to have food made with real meat, so I buy Beneful.