A Villanova Grad-Turned Modern Day Renaissance Man

Life after college is always a mystery. Here’s a story of one man who saw lacrosse in his future, but ended up doing way more. Jon Urbana has been active in a number of different worlds, and here are just a  few.

Jon’s Aviation Career

Jon Urbana has received a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Over the course of many years of development, pilot certification standards have started to become harder to achieve, because they want to have a minimal amount of pilots who are not ready for certification accidentally causing accidents. It is highly recommended that everyone fly with a pilot who is certified. Urbana, who can be seen flying here, was at one point in his life recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and he was then added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database.

Urbana’s Business Ventures

Jon is currently working with Ellipse USA and the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Being the great businessman that he is, he is the director of Ellipse USA and the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. When Urbana was younger, he went to Villanova University for school and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in  Economics between 2001 and 2005. For the past 3 years he has been working for Ellipse USA (since 2013). He helps in overseeing the development in the information of Ellipe’s IPL and Laser types of technologies, also acting as an ambassador at conferences (full list of presentations). He also stays connected with the regional managers and helps to look after the Marketing Department and the Marketing Materials. Jon has done many great things on Yahoo Answers in his career, including helping to put together and teach a lacrosse based camp that was meant for young people in Colorado.

Jon Urbana’s Career in Photography

Jon Urbana has some beautiful pictures. His pictures range from nature, to cute kittens. He has a skill in photography that can not be matched. His pictures are so life-like and beautiful, that they are good enough to be showcased. Everyone can tell, when looking at Jon Urbana’s pictures, that he is a nature lover and also a natural with the camera a a photographer. Jon knows that even if your camera is not the best, it does not matter, as long as you know the limitations that come with your camera and how to get past them. This makes him an amazing photographer, and an even better person.

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