Handy’s New Tipping Feature

Handy, one of the hottest phone applications out today, is a place like Uber where home cleaners — instead of drivers — can list their services. Handy currently operates in around twenty-five areas around the world. This is because there is a grueling application and screening process that all applicants must go through to get listed on Handy.

Home cleaning professionals are now able to receive tips through the application that owners can give after coming home to a clean home. If they are impressed or think the cleaner went above and beyond their duties, they are able to receive tips through the app instead of from client to cleaner.

Handy was founded by two roommates that attended Harvard College in Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy originally started when the two founders could not easily found someone to clean an apartment, home, or other type of living space. Handy is so popular partly because it is free to browse but even more so because of the high-quality cleaning services that the average cleaning professional will provide.

Clients do not have to pay Handy any money for using the app or booking cleaning services, as only the cleaners themselves have to pay around a twenty percent service fee for using Handy to book their services. There are few other places where home cleaners can list their services for hire other than classifieds in newspaper or around bulletin boards, but these methods do not offer nearly as much exposure as Handy does.

Cleaners are much more likely to receive tips when there is an option to offer gratuity rather than paying it in person. Apps such as Lyft and Uber have experienced this after implementing the option for customers and clients with the ability to leave a tip on the app rather than in cash, in person. Many people do not think about tipping as the price to use Uber or Lyft is pretty high, especially if somebody already owns a car.

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