George Soros and Donald Trump are Worlds Apart on Immigration


Business Insider

George Soros arguably one of the wealthiest men the world has just thrown his hat into the Presidential race. Well sort of, while Mr. Soros may not actually be running, be sure is getting his hands wet. According to Business Insider the billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist has been actively following the campaigns of both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It’s fair to say that George Soros is not
a Trump supporter and I doubt we will be seeing him caucusing for Ted Cruz in the near future.

George Soros actually went as far as to state that the Presidential campaigns of Mr. Trump and of Ted Cruz are actually assisting the Islamic State terror group commonly referred to as ISIS. The premise is that by ostracizing Muslims and blaming them for the actions of radical terrorist Trump and Cruz are fact really assisting the recruiting arm of these terror groups. Donald Trump has gone as far as to say that if he were President of the United States he would make a decree that would stop all Muslems for being allowed into the country. In one of the most divisive Republican primary elections in the history of this country both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz somehow have managed to reach the top of the popularity polls almost Republican. It is quite daunting see this archaic position gained so much strength amongst disillusioned middle-class America.

George Soros has also come out in a 45 minute interview on Forbes where he further explained that by “Abandoning the values and principles underlying open societies and giving in to an anti-Muslim impulse dictated by fear certainly is not the answer, though it may be difficult to resist the temptation,” and he also stated his belief that “I experienced this personally when I watched the last Republican presidential debate; I could stop myself only by remembering that it must be irrational to follow the wishes of your enemies.” Mr. Soros is 100% correct in his assertion as a matter of fact ISIS has gone to using video of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric in its recruiting efforts. Other Republican contenders for President have added that the United States should also halt the acceptance of Syrian refugees as well. Mr. Trump warned that the refugees may pose a threat in the form of a”Trojan horse”. Mr. Soros correctly suggests that the statements during anti-western sentiment amongst Muslims living in both America and the European Union. This resentment fosters a breeding ground for potential terrorists and continues to reinforce the call for radicalization.

It is clear that George Soros is putting a lot of energy into the Presidential race and it is also clear that the passion the Mr. Soros was showing comes from a deeply seated conviction that all human beings should be treat justly. His answer to the”Trojan horse” theory can be seeing in the comprehensive plan that he drafted to try and help the European Union deal with the Middle Eastern migration crisis. In a six part plan Mr. Soros called for processing centers to be built in Turkey and other front-line countries. This of course is a logical solution and is much more morally correct as well as efficient. The use processing centers to help that out terrorist in two process honest asylum is another great example of how to deal with this crisis.

A New and Rocking Perspective on Autism

Autism factors into any number of difficult things within modern society. Newfound attention and increased diagnostic precision has made people realize just how prevalent the condition is. And there’s a lot of ways people might choose to describe autism. But many would be surprised to hear anyone say that it “rocks”. But an amazing charity focused on autism research has a lot of people happily echoing that sentiment. Because the charity itself is called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks might seem like an unusual name at first. But the truth of the title becomes clear when one looks at how it was conceived. It was created by Sanjay Shah, the president and CEO of Solo Capital. Sanjay has had an extensive and quite varied career. His work has led him to meet and talk with some of the most famous figures in modern culture. That’s both in terms of distinguished businessmen and the icons of pop culture. These two worlds created an amazing synergy one day. Snoop Dogg, one of the most famous rappers of the modern world, stopped by Sanjay’s house. Like most people Sanjay was beside himself. Anyone even remotely familiar with the music industry knows what a huge force Snoop Dogg is. Actually having him in his house was enough to even impress Sanjay, who had quite a bit of experience with fame.

This would have been where the story ended for most people. But Sanjay’s experience in both the world of business and entertainment combined with one final concern. Above all, Sanjay is a family man. And one of his children has autism. Like most parents of autistic children the issue is always on Sanjay’s mind. And he realized in an instant that Snoop Dogg had presented him with an amazing possibility. Everyone is moved by the power of music. And at the same time, most people have a deep desire to commit to charity but often lack awareness of just how to do so. Sanjay realized that if he combined music with charity that he might be able to do something really amazing for autism research.

This drive the was the birth of the Autism Rocks campaign. It serves to fund autism research by holding private concerts and meetings with some of the biggest figures in the entertainment industry. Though Sanjay is adamant about one point. He’s not looking for a cure to autism. Like most parents, he wouldn’t change anything about any member of his family. What he’s most hoping for is better ways to understand what his son is going through. He wants himself and other parents of autistic children to be better able to connect with them. And research has been one of the single best ways of building bridges between parents and autistic children. And Autism Rocks is quickly proving itself to be one of the best ways that autism research can find funding.

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939% Growth Marks a Successful 2015 for Status Labs

Any service that possesses any value to the public is going to experience high demand. When the service is new, innovative, and fits a growing niche, the service is sure to do tremendously well. Status Labs has experienced a very positive reception in the market largely due to its ability to provide a previously-elusive solution to those whose reputation has suffered massively and needs repairing. At the end of 2015, Status Labs tallied a revenue increase of a stunning 939% since debuting in 2012. The company did well in 2013 and 2014, but no one ever thought the Austin, TX-based company would post such amazing financial figures.

The reason behind the company’s success is rooted in a business and personal truism. People cannot thrive in business or maintain personal relationships if damaging, harmful, and embarrassing information about them remains in the Google search engines. By working with Status Labs, steps can be taken to mitigate the problems and greatly cut down on the harm the woeful search engine or social media postings present.

Darius Fisher, the co-founder and president of Status Labs, has also worked very hard at raising the profile of the company. When the devastating Ashley Madison hack occurred and a ton of private information found its way to the internet, Fisher made an offer of free crisis counseling. This was a brilliant move that drew a lot of attention and, probably, a lot of clients to the firm. Clients come from all over the world. 35 countries in total have sent clients to the firm. That number is sure to grow and so is the figure of 1,500 clients who have worked with Status Labs.

Status Labs has opened up offices in New York and San Paulo. In Austin, the home office has moved to a new location in the business district. This surely will raise the profile of the firm both locally and nationally.

Maybe 939% growth will turn out to be a paltry figure when the revenues for 2016 are eventually revealed.

The Story of Yeonmi Park

A good way to learn about life around the world is to read about it using the perspective of someone else. In the case of one Yeonmi Park, this example can be set all the way back to North Korea. For Yeonmi Park, living in North Korea had its benefits and privileges but also had plenty of negative features about it. All of these are mentioned in her recently published autobiography entitled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” In her novel, Park goes into great detail to explain how despite being born with a fairly decent lifestyle, life in North Korea was not glamorous in the way that she was led to believe. In fact once she was old enough she saw that the reality of the nation was oppressive and brutal, the opposite of what she had known in the past. This awakening is the main reason why she and her family decided to escape the regime, enlisting help from human traffickers and entering China, Mongolia and eventually settling for a new life in South Korea. Even after attaining freedom, the concept of certain things like hunger take on new meaning, such as only being a mild inconvenience now. Regarding Yeonmi Park‘s early life, she is originally from Hyesan, North Korea, her father working as a civil servant for the Worker’s Party at the town hall, and her mother was a nurse for the Army. While she lived a privileged life in North Korea as a youth, things were not so nice as she got older, including learning that her father had been arrested and sent to a concentration camp after being accused of insider trading. After realizing that the Kim Jong-Il regime was brutal and tyrannical, Park and her family decided to escape from the country, by way of crossing the border into China with the help of traffickers. From there the family eventually made their way into South Korea and began a new life. However, Park’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer and sadly died before being able to achieve this.

The Success of James Dondero in the Stock Market

With the transformation of the new year from 2015 to 2016, the stock market is looking similar to how it looked at the beginning of 2015. However, there is one difference between the two years which is that the stock market investors have changed their psychological attitude towards investing in the stock market.

With the mini-crash in 2015, there is now a cautious and uncertain outlook among investors. Though the first half of 2015 was calm and full of optimism, the happy attitudes disappeared between August and October during the mini-crash. One of the biggest uncertainties that investors are now looking into is the uncertainty of oil. Though the price of oil dropped extensively, the amount of uncertainty for those who had invested in oil, grew. There are expectations of the Domino effect which means that there may be possible hits to other countries that are all over the world.

Though the year of 2015 brought on uncertainty, there is a new sense of optimism and a new silver-lining that is forming. There is now a certainty that there is now a new and greater possibility of gains that are coming for this new and prosperous year.

With this all in mind, it is now the question to ask of what to buy with the stock market being risky and weak. The best advice when it comes to buying stocks during an uncertain time is to invest in growing companies that will strengthen the stock market.

One of the finest hedge fund managers in the world is James Dondero who is a businessman and investor. Mr. Dondero is the current founder of Highland Capital Management which was founded in 1993. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that offers solutions that are credit-based to both private as well as public institutions.

Jim Dondero has over 30 years of experience to offer Highland Capital Management and has developed many customized products to offer each client. These products include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, as well as REITs, and ETFs. All of these products are top quality and have pleased thousands of customers.

Jim Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management are dedicated to providing the best advice no matter the state of the stock market. Mr. Dondero tailors the advice based on both the individuals as well as the expected outcomes of this rocky stock market.

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Koch Speaks with Business Insider

Koch Industries is the second largest private company in the United States after Cargill and sells a variety products ranging from industrial parts, chemicals, and even financial products. The company is currently controlled by two brothers, Charles and David Koch who are well known for their role in the political world. The brothers fund various Super Pacs (Political Action Committee Funds) which help to support various conservative republican causes as well as various conservative groups and charities. Both brothers are billionaires and big spenders during election time.

Charles Koch is CEO of Koch Industries and recently sat down with the Business Insider to conduct an interview. In the interview it came out that Koch seems demonized by the media and believes that it is up to him to set the record straight on his beliefs and why he funds certain groups and politicians. Koch is for a form of hands off government in which smaller government does not run the daily events of citizens and business and serves to maintain defense functions as well as other support for people instead of micromanaging actions via taxes. He believes strongly in the US constitution and individual freedoms.

And it isn’t just liberal candidates that he opposes on certain issues. Koch during his interview criticized both foreign and domestic policies of the two major political candidates on the Republican side; Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz’s comment that Isis can be carpet bombed away seemed to annoy Koch as he felt that based on his understanding of revolutionary movements that this policy would only drum up more distrust of the United States. On the other side, Donald Trump’s view that he thinks Muslims in the United States should be required to register with a governmental agency so that they can be better kept track of seemed like the elimination of a basic freedom to Charles Koch and offended what he thinks of as the freedom of a fellow American to practice their own beliefs in their own way.

Still, despite these criticisms with two of the candidates, Charles Koch has said that he still plans to donate almost $900 million during the election cycle through Super Pacs that he thinks will support candidates who have similar interests and beliefs that he does, though he hasn’t made an announcement regarding the candidate that he currently supports. There is obviously a lot of firepower behind who Koch ultimately decides to back.

Worker Classification Lawsuits Spell Doom For Homejoy Inc.

Homejoy Inc. – the San Francisco-based cleaning business that was started by Adora and Aaron Chung in 2013 — is filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The company announced on its website five months prior to the Chapter 11 proceedings that it would be closing its doors. Homejoy Inc. raised nearly $40 million in start-up capital from such hefty investors as Google Ventures and First Round Capital. The company initially opened as a home-cleaning service but soon expanded to five countries and added home repairs.

Within a few short months of opening, Homejoy Inc. ran into a number of problems that not even their celebrity pitchman David Hasselhoff could fix. Many of the company’s woes can be traced back to a number of class action lawsuits.

Homejoy’s competitor, Handy, is still humming along despite the onslaught of suits plaguing several service industry corporations. Founded in 2012 by Harvard University roommates Umang Dua and Oisnin Hanrahan, Handy provides both home-cleaning and repair services in 28 U.S. cities, as well as Toronto and Vancouver. Handy has a seamless booking process and offers competitive salaries to its over 200 workers.

Handy has recently received $50 million in funding and added additional services including plumbing, furniture assembly, painting, moving and electrical. All service professionals are screened and fully vetted. A 100% money-back guarantee is promised to any customer who is unsatisfied with the services.

Unfortunately, companies like Homejoy are being ensnared in similar worker classification lawsuits that have befallen companies such as Lyft and Uber. Workers feel that they should be classified as employees rather than contractors, and companies are resisting because employee classification would drive labor costs up sharply.

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Keith Mann: The Ultimate Professional & Philanthropist

Keith Mann. the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife, Keely Mann, have been showing their support towards the NYPD. There have been protests and violence towards the police force, and the Manns made a thankful gesture by sending the 54th Street precinct lunch. This gesture was delivered to boost the morale, rather than to feed into the negativity surrounding the police force. As a matter of fact, Keith Mann has a personal connection with the NYPD, because his wife’s uncle is a detective for Staten Island.

Mr. Mann feels like the recent negative reactions toward the police hits close to home, even though it was suppose to be a silent protest. He also sent another lunch to the precinct, because he knows that a single act normally goes unnoticed. He stated that officers deserved to be thanked for their service, and not attacked. He further stated that policemen are people too, who have families, and that he doesn’t want any of his family or him to get hurt due to the careless action against policemen. And furthermore, officers react accordingly to training in situations that civilians don’t encounter.

Many people like Keith Mann feel like people should support the police, and not stand in the way of their efforts. These concerned citizens made an effort in supporting the police, since the recent conflicts. They had a support rally for the NYPD, in which 150 people attended. Similar rallies were also held throughout the United States, despite the increase in violence toward the supporters of police departments. Supporters believed that the silent majority are still supportive to police, and that these silent people should make their voices heard. Mr. Mann believes that even simple, supportive action can make a world of difference for the protectors of citizens everyday.

Keith Mann is a committed advocate, activist, and a philanthropist. He is also an extraordinary business leader. In 2001, the hedge fund company, Dynamic Search Partners, was cofounded by Keith Mann. This company works with hedge funds for staffing needs. Mr. Mann also gives students at Uncommon Schools the tools needed in finding jobs after college. Additionally, Mr. Mann donated money to, and Hope and Heroes. is a fund that supports US classroom projects, by providing supplies to students and teachers.

Other key aspects of Keith Mann is that he has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He is an expert in staffing and hiring strategy, and in hedge fund compensation.

Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe to raise money for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who previously had practice in Old Bridge, NJ from 1999 to 2014, when he opened another clinic called Dental Sleep Masters. He got his BA degrees in psychology and biology at Rutgers University, and has a doctor of dental surgery all from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Avi Weisfogel also lectures at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, and through it helps clinics get sleep patients. His experience makes him the perfect candidate to teach other dentists about oral appliances and how they are used in therapy to treat certain kinds of sleep disorders. He will be forever remembered for his work in helping children around the world to get the facial operations they need for a normal life, and one way he is doing this is through a GoFundMe account for Operation Smile.

Weisfogel supports children through Operation Smile

He likes to help other people and teach them about good dental care. Therefore, he has chosen Operation Smile to raise money for through GoFundMe at and hopes to raise at least $2,000.

Operation Smile helps deserving children to get the medical and surgical care they need, and wants those kids to have hope that their needs will be met and they will have a better tomorrow that is heathier. They perform cleft lip and cleft palate operations on needy children all over the world. If fully funded, his GoFundMe account will provide the funds to help several children get the operations they need.

GoFundMe works by others who want to help his cause through crowdfunding via the Internet. It can be used for many kinds of fund raising issues such as Operation Smile or other charities or other reasons. Weisfogel uses this platform, plus also donates his own funds to various charities.

Support Operation Smile at GoFundMe

Children are born every few minutes with these horrible cleft palates and cleft lips and only through helping others like the children that Operation Smile helps can we rid the world of this problem. So, if you are interested in helping the dentist to gather funds for Operation Smile, then go to his GoFundMe account at and help him to raise $2,000.

All of the money raised by the GoFundMe account will go straight to Operation Smile to help these kids have a better life. Weisfogel is determined to help these kids and you too can do so by donating to his GoFundMe account.

Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

How Financial Matters Change Through Law and With The Times

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is a law that says all businesses that offer customers any kind of financial products or services of any kind such as any type of insurance, investment advice, financial advice or a loan, are required to explain and release any kind of details or information that have to do with the transaction that they are doing with their customers and to make sure that they keep their customers information safe and protect it from being stolen.

Finance Law

There are three types of laws that have been put in place to protect small businesses and their financial interests as investors. Those are Securities laws, Bankruptcy laws, and Antitrust laws. Sam Tabar is someone who knows all about this. He is not only an attorney; he is a qualified professional Capital Strategist that has an office in New York that can help businesses in this area.

Antitrust Laws – Antitrust laws promote heavy competition between businesses but protect people and businesses from other businesses running their companies unfairly, and mergers that are not done legally and fairly when competing against others.

Bankruptcy – bankruptcy is an option given to people and businesses when they are not able to meet their commitments that they have made financially. It gives them legal options to handle this problem and to study the process and how it is done, as well as learning the tax consequences involved.

Securities Law–If your business is involved in selling publicly traded securities then there are specifically certain financial and reporting criteria that must be complied with. This criterion includes making clear documents of disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and making sure you comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley rules. If you need help in this area or if you have any questions, call Sam Tabar, he is a qualified specialist in this area who can help you with an y questions or problems you might have.

Guide to Antitrust Laws

A great economy is because of the freedom and openness of being able to compete in a legal and fair market. Being able to compete in an aggressive way with other businesses gives their customers and other businesses more innovative and quality products, lower prices, better service, and an assortment of choices. The Federal Trade Commission’s purpose is to make sure that competitive laws are enforced meaning the Antitrust laws. These laws are also put in place to protect customers from illegal and unfair business operations and mergers. The Bureau of Competition, which is under The Federal Trade Commission, works together with the Bureau of Economics to make sure the antitrust laws are enforced to protect consumers.

Mr. Sam Tabar is a Capital Strategist and an important attorney who is officed in New York City, he’s also the Chief Executive Officer of Full Cycle Fund in New York. Sam started his career working at a large law firm before moving to Capital Strategy and Business Development. He then started working for SPARX Group Co. as not only their Managing Director but also as the Co-Head of Business Development. He later moved to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch and then went back to his original love of being an attorney in the Finance industry.  More information can be sought on LinkedIn.