Technology makes everyday life easier. There are complainants of several consumers about text-based search boxes. They are inefficient in helping them identify what they are looking. Pinterest and shoe.com have an ultimate solution. The visual imaging search method lets the user draw of what he/she is searching. If that isn’t enough, Pinterest has also attached buy buttons to the image results from the search. This technology is not new. It started with e-commerce site like Amazon who included the image search option to allow their customers identify what they need with accurate precision.

The giant technology company Google bought likeit.com which applies the image search system and compares item across several stores. The method used deep learning technology that allows it to understand the user drawings in the search box and matches the resulting images that look similar well, sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Assuming you draw a kitchen item like a coffee table, the system returns images of kitchen related items like a kettle or something like juice maker. The e-commerce industry is set to benefit big from visual imaging technology. Analysts estimate that the system will be worth more than $ 20 billion in returns.

The advantages of such a system are true. One is no language related confusion. The current text-based searches may confuse what you want depending on your location. Some words also don’t exist in some languages under the same meaning. The second benefit is efficiency and accuracy. Some argue that drawing an item may be technical, but Pinterest has already launched its own and management says it is working quite perfect.

The technology company since has other surprising facts. With the comprehensive information transmitted in the brain, 90% is visual and is processed 60 000 times faster than the text. Consumers argue in large numbers that the product image from its image is important is selecting a specified product. With this information from the Slyce company mind, the visual imaging technology is something very worth focusing.

The Slyce company is located in Toronto Canada. It specializes in developing internet technologies for various e-commerce sites. The company has well-trained professionals’ teams who have the several decades of combined experience in developing internet technology. In additions to technology experiences, the company has adequate resources to research and develop start of the art technology in visual imaging.

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