Farm fresh food for fido

I do a lot of research on pet nutrition and diet to find out what the next development will be. After reading Premium dog food sales surge with new innovations in healthy food on the Daily Herald’s website, I feel like I have a better feel for where the providers of dog food are headed. I am always searching for the next recipe to buy for my dogs since they are so finicky. Often, they will not eat the same recipe after a few months of meals. It can get very frustrating. Every morning I get up and while I am making my morning coffee I also, give my Chow Chow and my Pomeranian their breakfast. I do not know what I would do without the Game Bird and Pacific Catch recipe from Beneful’s Merrick Pet Care, Backcountry line for my Pomeranian. She refuses to eat anything else. She is so picky, I am not surprised that the only thing she will eat is entirely organic and probably healthier than what I eat! It is amazing that Beneful has made something that she eats with no whining or crying. She’s put some weight back on too, which has made my life so much happier since I don’t have to worry that she isn’t getting the nutrition that she needs. My Chow Chow is older, so I’ve been feeding her Beneful’s Purina Bright Minds. I really have noticed a difference in her mental agility. She’s been able to solve her treat toys faster and she’s better able to communicate any request she has. I am so happy that she is responding to the healthy fats incorporated in this recipe. Keeping her brain active and stimulated is really one of the main concerns I have had as she has gotten older. Finally, it seems like more pet owners I know are seeing the benefit of switching to whole food recipes, like the ones I feed my pets. To be sure, the veterinarian will be so happy with the progress they both made. Really, these foods have been a lifesaver for both the dogs and I.

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