Ricardo Guimaraes Continues To Shine at BMG

Ricardo Guimaraes, the son of Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, is well known as he is the President of BMG bank. Mr. Flavio was a large mining entrepreneur. He also invested areas such as agriculture, a cannery and coffee plantation. This saw Ricardo Guimaraes become fortunate enough to be born in one of the richest and most powerful families in Minas Gerais.
Despite his wealthy family, Ricardo Guimaraes is famous for being the President of BMG bank. During his tenure, he has shown great talent in hard work and innovation. He has proven his worth since taking over in 1998. He went on to turn the bank into the National Loans leader shortly after his tenure began.
The Guimaraes family has been involved in the financial sector since the early days of the last century. In 1930, Mr. Antonio Mourao Guimaraes founded the Land Credit Bank. This was Ricardo’s grandfather. The tenure of Ricardo Guimaraes sees him as the fourth family member to bear the flag on the family’s financial matters.
Under the management of Ricardo Guimaraes at BMG, the bank adopted an innovative strategy that would work to place the bank as the leader in consigned credit monitoring in all of Brazil. The operations of the bank are through a lean and efficient team, with its various consultants placed across the country. The bank is focusing on offering low-interest credit for customers who have a low level of default. This move has contributed to the bank becoming the leader in the credit market.
Apart from his success at BMG, Ricardo Guimaraes has been very active in offering sponsorships to football clubs and athletes in Brazil. Currently, BMG ranks as the biggest football sponsor in Brazil. Ricardo Guimaraes goes on to state that BMG does not vouch for any particular team, despite him being an avid fan of Clube Atl├ętico Mineiro.
The bank benefits from these sponsorships. It receives a good financial return for this. The bank also benefits greatly when it comes to advertising. The visibility of the bank is greatly increased when their three orange letters are stamped on the uniforms of the players in various clubs and athletes.
Apart from his love of Clube Atl├ętico Mineiro, Ricardo Guimaraes has chaired the Alvinegro of Mines, after succeeding Nelio Brant. He chaired for five years before being succeeded by Ziza Valadares.

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Source: Agencia Estado

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