How Financial Matters Change Through Law and With The Times

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is a law that says all businesses that offer customers any kind of financial products or services of any kind such as any type of insurance, investment advice, financial advice or a loan, are required to explain and release any kind of details or information that have to do with the transaction that they are doing with their customers and to make sure that they keep their customers information safe and protect it from being stolen.

Finance Law

There are three types of laws that have been put in place to protect small businesses and their financial interests as investors. Those are Securities laws, Bankruptcy laws, and Antitrust laws. Sam Tabar is someone who knows all about this. He is not only an attorney; he is a qualified professional Capital Strategist that has an office in New York that can help businesses in this area.

Antitrust Laws – Antitrust laws promote heavy competition between businesses but protect people and businesses from other businesses running their companies unfairly, and mergers that are not done legally and fairly when competing against others.

Bankruptcy – bankruptcy is an option given to people and businesses when they are not able to meet their commitments that they have made financially. It gives them legal options to handle this problem and to study the process and how it is done, as well as learning the tax consequences involved.

Securities Law–If your business is involved in selling publicly traded securities then there are specifically certain financial and reporting criteria that must be complied with. This criterion includes making clear documents of disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and making sure you comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley rules. If you need help in this area or if you have any questions, call Sam Tabar, he is a qualified specialist in this area who can help you with an y questions or problems you might have.

Guide to Antitrust Laws

A great economy is because of the freedom and openness of being able to compete in a legal and fair market. Being able to compete in an aggressive way with other businesses gives their customers and other businesses more innovative and quality products, lower prices, better service, and an assortment of choices. The Federal Trade Commission’s purpose is to make sure that competitive laws are enforced meaning the Antitrust laws. These laws are also put in place to protect customers from illegal and unfair business operations and mergers. The Bureau of Competition, which is under The Federal Trade Commission, works together with the Bureau of Economics to make sure the antitrust laws are enforced to protect consumers.

Mr. Sam Tabar is a Capital Strategist and an important attorney who is officed in New York City, he’s also the Chief Executive Officer of Full Cycle Fund in New York. Sam started his career working at a large law firm before moving to Capital Strategy and Business Development. He then started working for SPARX Group Co. as not only their Managing Director but also as the Co-Head of Business Development. He later moved to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch and then went back to his original love of being an attorney in the Finance industry.  More information can be sought on LinkedIn.

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