Keith Mann: The Ultimate Professional & Philanthropist

Keith Mann. the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife, Keely Mann, have been showing their support towards the NYPD. There have been protests and violence towards the police force, and the Manns made a thankful gesture by sending the 54th Street precinct lunch. This gesture was delivered to boost the morale, rather than to feed into the negativity surrounding the police force. As a matter of fact, Keith Mann has a personal connection with the NYPD, because his wife’s uncle is a detective for Staten Island.

Mr. Mann feels like the recent negative reactions toward the police hits close to home, even though it was suppose to be a silent protest. He also sent another lunch to the precinct, because he knows that a single act normally goes unnoticed. He stated that officers deserved to be thanked for their service, and not attacked. He further stated that policemen are people too, who have families, and that he doesn’t want any of his family or him to get hurt due to the careless action against policemen. And furthermore, officers react accordingly to training in situations that civilians don’t encounter.

Many people like Keith Mann feel like people should support the police, and not stand in the way of their efforts. These concerned citizens made an effort in supporting the police, since the recent conflicts. They had a support rally for the NYPD, in which 150 people attended. Similar rallies were also held throughout the United States, despite the increase in violence toward the supporters of police departments. Supporters believed that the silent majority are still supportive to police, and that these silent people should make their voices heard. Mr. Mann believes that even simple, supportive action can make a world of difference for the protectors of citizens everyday.

Keith Mann is a committed advocate, activist, and a philanthropist. He is also an extraordinary business leader. In 2001, the hedge fund company, Dynamic Search Partners, was cofounded by Keith Mann. This company works with hedge funds for staffing needs. Mr. Mann also gives students at Uncommon Schools the tools needed in finding jobs after college. Additionally, Mr. Mann donated money to, and Hope and Heroes. is a fund that supports US classroom projects, by providing supplies to students and teachers.

Other key aspects of Keith Mann is that he has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He is an expert in staffing and hiring strategy, and in hedge fund compensation.

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