Koch Speaks with Business Insider

Koch Industries is the second largest private company in the United States after Cargill and sells a variety products ranging from industrial parts, chemicals, and even financial products. The company is currently controlled by two brothers, Charles and David Koch who are well known for their role in the political world. The brothers fund various Super Pacs (Political Action Committee Funds) which help to support various conservative republican causes as well as various conservative groups and charities. Both brothers are billionaires and big spenders during election time.

Charles Koch is CEO of Koch Industries and recently sat down with the Business Insider to conduct an interview. In the interview it came out that Koch seems demonized by the media and believes that it is up to him to set the record straight on his beliefs and why he funds certain groups and politicians. Koch is for a form of hands off government in which smaller government does not run the daily events of citizens and business and serves to maintain defense functions as well as other support for people instead of micromanaging actions via taxes. He believes strongly in the US constitution and individual freedoms.

And it isn’t just liberal candidates that he opposes on certain issues. Koch during his interview criticized both foreign and domestic policies of the two major political candidates on the Republican side; Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz’s comment that Isis can be carpet bombed away seemed to annoy Koch as he felt that based on his understanding of revolutionary movements that this policy would only drum up more distrust of the United States. On the other side, Donald Trump’s view that he thinks Muslims in the United States should be required to register with a governmental agency so that they can be better kept track of seemed like the elimination of a basic freedom to Charles Koch and offended what he thinks of as the freedom of a fellow American to practice their own beliefs in their own way.

Still, despite these criticisms with two of the candidates, Charles Koch has said that he still plans to donate almost $900 million during the election cycle through Super Pacs that he thinks will support candidates who have similar interests and beliefs that he does, though he hasn’t made an announcement regarding the candidate that he currently supports. There is obviously a lot of firepower behind who Koch ultimately decides to back.

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