Sergio Cortes is Invincible

Impersonating Michael Jackson is a full-time job and no one knows better than Sergio Cortes. He has become one of the most famous American entertainment impersonators of this time. He has excelled in this because he is passionate about what he does. He has provided a lot of MJ fans with a tribute show that is not like anything that they have seen before.

Sergio Cortez is taking this show on the road, and it is aptly titled The Human Nature Experience.” According to, Sergio is doing this to keep the memory of Jackson alive.

There are a lot of people that are interested in seeing what he will be able to do when he goes on tour. He has put together this show with live musician. Cortes is the closest thing that people will get to the MJ experience. No other impersonators even come close. That is why people have to check out this show when he is performing. Sergio Cortes is taking fans to an experience that they have never had before. That is why fans are screaming when they see him in person. That is why the social media world is boosting him up and giving him a lot of very positive online buzz.

The Internet places big part in spreading the word about Cortes and his shows. He is a performer that has a lot of videos posted online. He has been on magazine covers. There has been a ton of buzz about him on YouTube. All of this makes it easy for him to transition out of his native land of Brazil. Fans of the impersonator that is doing his best to provide an honest and pure Jackson tribute are trying to get him on American soil. That would be very impressive since MJ is an American artist.

Fans are really excited to learn that someone is carrying on the MJ legacy through these shows. It has been said that he is doing the best job of all the other impersonators that are performing. He has this confidence that it takes to pull off this type of elaborate performance, and that is why the fans are keeping up with him. He goes all out, and some have even said that MJ would be proud of Cortes and the job that he does. All of the music that he goes through on stage seems like a real MJ performance.

The crowds continues to grow as Sergio continues to build his shows. He is bringing one great performance after another. He performs the big hits like “Billie Jean” and “Smooth Criminal” for lots of hyper fans. The MJ fans go crazy when he performs these songs.

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Challenging Real Estate Market in 2016

The New York City real estate market has been rising since the end of the recession and new predictions in the New York Daily News is forecasting a slowdown in the real estate market in 2016. Here are eight of their predictions for 2016:

1) Prime real estate locations will remain attractive to buyers and will garner most of the attention of buyers
2) Interest rate increases will temper the market and lead to stable or lower prices
3) Buyers will be more hesitant to enter into transactions and it will take longer for real estate transactions to be completed
4) Baby boomers will start to drift into New York City as they downgrade from their suburban homes
5) Incentives will drive buyers to complete purchases and will be needed to initiate demand for properties.
6) New development buildings will attract buyers and premium pricing, particularly in the Brooklyn market
7) Sellers of real estate who understand the market’s shift will sell their homes but others who don’t will have their homes sit on the market for longer periods of time
8) Luxury buildings on the market will continue to extend for longer periods of time and more buildings will come on market in this class.

Most of these real estate market predictions for New York City predict that the real estate market will tighten, or at least become more difficult for sellers to maneuver in. Inside market information is needed and that is where a high quality real estate agency like Town Residential can come in and help you get an edge and obtain a quicker transaction and potentially higher sales price for your New York City apartment.

Town Residential real estate is a leader in the New York City real estate market and prepare a quarterly report on the local real estate market that is called “The Aggregate” which provides both data on NYC real estate and real insight and analysis on the market. This insight by experienced agents and other real estate professionals provides customers of Town Residential with an advantage in a rapidly tightening market.

US Money Reserve with George Soros

The U.S. money reserve gives consumers the option of purchasing precious metals as an investment. Metals are available for purchase through here. This reserve offers different precious metals including gold, platinum, and silver coins and is one of the nation’s largest distributors. According to Manta, they provide the highest valued coins that can provide profit opportunities in the future. Philip N. Diehl is the President of U.S. Money Reserve and he is considered one of the most influential U.S. Mint Directors of the modern era.

Before becoming president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl served as a staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and as chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Treasury. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Director of the United States Mint after serving for the U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Diehl developed a thorough understanding of the monetary and fiscal policy by working with senior officials in the Executive Branch and on Capitol Hill. This knowledge continues to make an impact on Diehl’s work in the precious metals industry today.

When Diehl became Mint Director, he started a journey for a multi-year customer service overhaul that allowed the U.S. Mint to earn the second highest score on the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index. This is where he launched the successful 50 States Quarter program and the Sacagawea Dollar, which was another extremely successful venture. Diehl also launched the Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin during his time as Mint Director. Diehl’s efforts and work with this company increased their profits from $450 million to $2.5 billion in his last year as Mint Director.

After his work in Washington, D.C., Diehl returned to Texas where he is now president of the U.S. Money Reserve. Listen to interview hosted by Eric Dye with special guest Philip N. Diehl here as they discuss how Diehl’s leadership background qualifies him for the role of President of U.S. Money Reserve, how this reserve is different from its competitors, and why a person should own the coins this company issues.

Source: ePodcastNetwork

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Yeonmi Park and Her Harrowing Life Story Goes on Trial

Some critics act as it wasn’t enough for Yeonmi Park to live through such a tragic time. They are accusing her to falsifying some of the information that is in her book. What Park has done is speak out on and tell her readers that the critics are simply trying to keep her silent.

Park states that there is a hidden agenda behind what the critics speak about. She has stated with firm convictions that she knows about the tragedy and pain of life in North Korea. She knows and she wants to do her best to help everyone else avoid this type of pain. That is why she has become such an important piece in the North Korean human rights movement. Yeonmi Park’s desire to tell others about the pain that has endured will make more people listen. It will expose what is happening and help her accomplish her goal.

Yeonmi is a defector that has experienced some hardships that almost broke her. She wanted, ever so badly, to commit suicide. She didn’t let her struggle tear her down. She would break away from all of this. It is hurtful for her to when critics called her a celebrity defector after all that her family has been through. In her book she makes it known that she was a victim. She had a hard life, and she wants to make sure that no one else has to go through this. That is the main reason that she is such a strong public speaker.

Her life has become one problem after another, but the book allowed her to let it all out. For the first time she got a chance to speak about the tragic life that she endure. She found herself in a place where she never thought that she would be, but she made it. Park found herself wondering how she would live without her father or any guidance as a maturing woman, but she still carried on. She was strong enough to move beyond all these obstacles so she isn’t about to let the critics silence her.



Autism Rocks GoFundMe Campaign by Sanjay Shah

Adults and children who deal with autism struggle with the same issues…understanding. In order to understand more about the condition, research is necessary. The Autism Rocks Campaign on Go Fund Me was created in order to fund further research. The funds raised within this campaign will go into a trust that supports the Autism Research Centre, which is based at Cambridge University. The research done thanks to this campaign will help adults and children better understand both the cause and effects of autism.

Autism Rocks has already funded 15 long-term research projects, all of which are ongoing. These projects aim to create methods to identify autism as early as possibly including predicting who will develop the condition. They also study interventions and support to help individuals who will deal with the condition throughout their lives.

Sanjay Shah is a hedge-fund manager who created the Autism Rocks Campaign. He’s an entrepreneur who wanted to do something to help autism research advance, but wasn’t quite sure what to do. Since he began his mission, he has persuaded superstars to play at gigs benefiting his cause. When the idea first hit, Shah was intimidated by the thought of asking stars to play for a cause. But he found that once he explained the money goes into the Autism Research Trust, even the biggest names signed on to help.

Sanjay’s desire to help fund research comes from his own family when his child was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Nikhil was unable to speak and could not sit still or remain focused on anything for more than a few minutes. As a family, Sanjay Shah wanted to do more for autism research in order to help his own family and others that struggle with the same issues. He has stated he doesn’t want to change his son, he loves his family the way it is. But helping others gain access to knowledge surrounding the condition has become an important goal.

A Discussion with Diehl about Gold Coins

Philip Diehl truly knows precious metal coins. In particular, he knows gold coins. As the president of U.S. Money Reserve, deal manages one of the largest distributors of gold coins in the United States. Clients who purchase from U.S. Money Reserve are able to acquire legitimate coins produced at the U.S. Mint. In a recent podcast on the EPN network, Diehl revealed why it is necessary to only buy from trusted sources.

Shockingly, a host of counterfeit gold assets have entered the global market. Diehl reveals the imports of fake gold coins from foreign countries do nothing more than separate people from their money. The coins are not legal tender. The purity of the coins may be far too low to be worth their weight in gold. The same problem may exist with gold (or silver or platinum) bars or bullion.

Diehl is quick to discuss the legitimacy of the coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve. The bulk of the coins are produced by the U.S. Mint. This means the coins are legal tender back by the “full faith and credit of the U.S. government”. Backed by the United States’ economy and minted by the government itself, no one could ever accuse the coins of being dubiously produced.

Diehl most definitely knows the value of legitimate U.S. coins. In the interview, he discusses his previous job of being the director of the U.S. Mint. In a talk about his tenure at the U.S. Mint, Diehl mentions how he was the driving force behind expanding the distribution of U.S. Mint coins to various countries throughout the world. He also points out he changed the culture at the U.S. Mint to one that focuses more greatly on customer service. Diehl brings that same passion for customer service to U.S. Money Reserve.

The complete interview is a very interesting one. Diehl even goes into the reasons why so many people are looking to purchase gold coins these days. Confusion and worry over U.S. monetary policy drive people to buy coins to protect their net worth. Worries over declines in the stock market and global economy also nudge people towards protecting themselves with gold.

Diehl wants to be sure people are buying the right gold for the right reason from the right seller. Taking this approach definitely has the potential to maximize the positive outcome of the acquisition.

Internet Sensation

Fifteen minutes of glory can lead to downfall or major triumph. YouTube gives those looking for fame that moment. Some make it and others do not. Wendy Haung better known as Wengie is one such internet sensation. Wengie has marketed herself so well that the Beauty Academy Blog is interviewing her.

Following Wengie, viewers will find tutorials on makeup, hair products and all your beauty needs. Subscribers on YouTube, all 983,122 of them love Wengie’s style. Wengie loves her followers right back because on her website, she is always giving away something new and fantastic.

Another internet sensation on YouTube is JennaMarbles. This fire bomb of a woman has over 15 million subscribers. The sense of humor on this YouTuber is phenomenal. Each week subscribers can see something hilarious and if that is not enough there is a Facebook page and a blog for more of the fabulous Jenna Marbles.

PewDiePie from Sweden has 42,039,810 subscribers. One might wonder exactly why, but by looking at his “Weird Stuff” series, people flock to his channel just to see what he will do next. Of course if his YouTube channel is not enough, going to his blog will bring even more weirdness into the mix.

AndreasChoice is a fantastic beauty YouTuber who has 3,745,041 subscribers. While this beautiful lady does not actually have her own website, subscribers can get all kinds of updates on Facebook, Instragram and Tumblr.

If fitness is more your style, checking out ChelseaLifts is essential. She shares experiences in the gym, how to lose weight and what it is like to diet. Chelsea also has her own website where her 104,118 subscribers can speak to Chelsea about one on one coaching and get fitness clothing.

Arts and crafts, especially crochet has gained momentum. Bella Coco by Sara-Jayne is one such crochet artist who has not only garnered 120,980 subscribers, but her own domain blog that once was on Blogger. Her crafts are done in a How To method and makes learning crochet easy.

David Koch and His Allies May Target Trump

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, influential Republican billionaire donors, are considering a campaign against presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. It depends upon his success or lack thereof in the early primaries.

Charles Koch said he and his allies badly underestimated Trump. He took issue with Trump’s views on taxes, trade and foreign policy. He mentioned that Trump’s idea of keeping Muslims on a registry would “destroy our free society.”

He made his remarks at an interview reported in Vanity Fair in January during which publicize his new book, “Good Profit.” But the conversation turned to politics. He said he has become disillusioned with politics in general and the Republican primary race in particular. “You’d think we could have more influence,” he said.

Koch and his allies raised $400 million to bolster Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. After the defeat, they studied why their plan failed and what to improve upon for the 2016 race. They are also considering passing on the primaries because there is no one candidate everyone agrees upon.

Trump had asked the Kochs for support, and they refused. He hired a long-time associate of the brothers as his campaign manager to no avail. Trump was also not invited to a “donor summit” organized by the Kochs last summer, which five other Republican candidates attended.

Trump’s weaknesses have been pinpointed by the Koch alliance. Two in particular have been noted: His bankruptcies and “predatory” business deals. Regarding the possible attack, a Koch official was quoted in Vanity Fair as saying, “As to whether we would mount something like that, everything is on the table. But there’s no real plan. In all of our meetings we’ve discussed it.” However, if the two final candidates are Trump and Hillary Clinton, the entire election may be bypassed by the Kochs and their allies.

Charles and David Koch inherited the nation’s second largest business, Koch Industries, from their father. Charles is the CEO and Board Member of Koch Industries. They are generous donors to that arts and conservative political causes. They began their activism in politics by supporting the Libertarian Party during the 1970s, which produced no traction. They switched to Republican politics, organizing fundraising on a gigantic scale.

One Mann helping Many Lives

Keith Mann may not be a household name but he should be. As a successful business man, with over 15 years experience in the executive search industry, Mann has made his success carry over into helping others. Mann began his career in 1995 as the manager of the alterative investment division of Dynamic Associates. Working his way up, Mann eventually launched his own NYC based enterprise in 2001, becoming the co-founder, managing director and investment banker of Dynamic Search Partners.

In 2008, through his company, Dynamic Search Partners, Mann donated $8000 to the Hope and Heroes Foundation which raises money to fight childhood cancer. In response to protest and violence toward the police in NYC Keith and his wife Keely, sent lunches to the entire 54th Precinct, twice. In 2013, he started working with the Uncommon School; a charter school whose goal is to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low income students to graduate from college. In 2015, Keith Mann held a fundraiser for the Uncommon School which raised an additional $22,000. With a strong belief in education Keith and his wife Keely have recently announced an annual scholarship for the Uncommon School pledging $5000 per year for one senior to help ensure they can afford a college education. Mann states, “We support the mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.”

A man who worked hard to get where he is and works just as hard to ensure others reach their goal as well, Keith Mann is doing his part to better the lives of many.

Avi Weisfogel Opens Fundraiser for Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who specializes in helping dentists make the connection between sleep disorders and dental abnormalities is turning his sights to helping the world renowned charity Operation Smile. A huge philanthropist himself, he became enamored with the international children’s medical charity that provides life changing surgery to those born with dental defects, such as cleft palate, which is a congenital split in the roof of the mouth. Thousands of professional staff from over eighty different countries are helping children in over sixty countries – over a quarter million free surgeries have been performed so far, to help children and teens with facial deformities.

As an undergraduate of psychology at Rutgers University, and subsequently obtaining his Dentist degree-DDS-from New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel has been active treating sleep disorders for over sixteen years. Five years ago, he went on to realize the importance of sleep in regards to heart health. This led him to start his “Healthy Heart Sleep” to teach doctors and patients how to overcome side effects of sleep disorders. Two years later, he started the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients company where he travels to lecture and teaches about sleep apnea and the problems that come along with it. He has now opened his Dental Sleep Masters firm to show dentists how numerous oral devices can be used to offset sleep disorders.

Through his Dental Sleep Masters practice, Dr. Weisfogel has been able to connect patients with sleep apnea treatments and has furthered the understanding of the dysfunction and how oral appliances can alleviate the disease. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition where the breathing pattern is interrupted several times during the night, severely disrupting a patient’s rest. The result can lead to daily forgetfulness and trouble concentrating and even contribute to cardiovascular health problems. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign!

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