Ricardo Guimaraes Prowess In Matters Finance And Management

Ricardo Guimaraes is well known business mogul in the world. He hails from a wealthy family in Brazil. His grandfather founded BMG which was initially called Land Credit Bank which offered loans to peasant farmers in early 20th century. Ricardo studied finance and management and followed his career path I the family business. He was once a chief financial officer of BMG and later became the vice president of the same company. In 2004, he became was appointed the president and the chief executive officer of Banco, BMG, one of the leading commercial bank in Brazil. Under his leadership, the bank has a client base that dominates the market with sixty percent share.


His experience in financial sector has seen the organization to grow and become a financial giant. BMG offers affordable loans to the citizens and has three thousand branches and five thousand agents to penetration for the firm’s market niche. Ricardo has transformed BMG since the inception of his tenure. He has laid down strategies that has transformed the credit sector to the heights. He has adopted strategies that has made the bank become a leader in cheap personal loans. The firm’s profit and asset base has built confidence and trust to investors and customers who are proud to do business with the organization.


His achievement are attributed to his hard work and committed to serve the people of Brazil. According to Ricardo, the banking industry in Brazil is not fully exploited and he has a strategy to partner with Itau. The bank has the same goals with BMG and the combination of its operations will increase revenue at low cost. The bank also specializes in payroll loans which has made the company make profits day by day.


Ricardo has a vested interest in football and this has made him sponsor many football clubs. He is a mentor and a motivator to many youths and investors. An example of a football club that he sponsors is Santos. This is a club well known for talented football players. He sponsors the youth through education scholarships. This contributions to the society has given BMG a reputable image that has seen it soar to the heights.


Ricardo’s prowess has made him one of the most famous CEO in the world. His investment speculation has also earned him accolades by investors. He has a perfect strategy on human resource management that has made employees to stick to the firm with minimum labor turn over. He hires competent employees who rhyme with his passionate for growth and development both career wise and in humanity.


A leader leads by example and this is what Ricardo does for success of the team under BMG.

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