David Koch and His Allies May Target Trump

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, influential Republican billionaire donors, are considering a campaign against presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. It depends upon his success or lack thereof in the early primaries.

Charles Koch said he and his allies badly underestimated Trump. He took issue with Trump’s views on taxes, trade and foreign policy. He mentioned that Trump’s idea of keeping Muslims on a registry would “destroy our free society.”

He made his remarks at an interview reported in Vanity Fair in January during which publicize his new book, “Good Profit.” But the conversation turned to politics. He said he has become disillusioned with politics in general and the Republican primary race in particular. “You’d think we could have more influence,” he said.

Koch and his allies raised $400 million to bolster Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. After the defeat, they studied why their plan failed and what to improve upon for the 2016 race. They are also considering passing on the primaries because there is no one candidate everyone agrees upon.

Trump had asked the Kochs for support, and they refused. He hired a long-time associate of the brothers as his campaign manager to no avail. Trump was also not invited to a “donor summit” organized by the Kochs last summer, which five other Republican candidates attended.

Trump’s weaknesses have been pinpointed by the Koch alliance. Two in particular have been noted: His bankruptcies and “predatory” business deals. Regarding the possible attack, a Koch official was quoted in Vanity Fair as saying, “As to whether we would mount something like that, everything is on the table. But there’s no real plan. In all of our meetings we’ve discussed it.” However, if the two final candidates are Trump and Hillary Clinton, the entire election may be bypassed by the Kochs and their allies.

Charles and David Koch inherited the nation’s second largest business, Koch Industries, from their father. Charles is the CEO and Board Member of Koch Industries. They are generous donors to that arts and conservative political causes. They began their activism in politics by supporting the Libertarian Party during the 1970s, which produced no traction. They switched to Republican politics, organizing fundraising on a gigantic scale.

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