Successful New Jersey Dentist Supporting Operation Smile

Operation Smile, a worthwhile non-profit, states on their website they believe “every child deserves exceptional surgical care.” Also having these corresponding beliefs, award winning New Jersey Dentist, Avi Weisfogel, has decided to start a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile. The campaign will raise $2,000 for the cause. Operation Smile helps children in third-world countries receive safe surgery mostly in the facial region including cleft lip and palate. The foundation was started in the 1980s and began in the Philippines by Dr. William and Kathleen Magee. Heartbroken for the children they couldn’t help on the first trip to the Philippines, the Magees vowed to return; thus, Operation Smile was conceived. Now the non-profit helps children in every country around the world and has thousands of volunteers.

A charity close to Avi’s heart, he hopes to help Operation Smile the best he can. Avi Weisfogel’s career in dentistry started shortly after his graduation from New York University College of Dentistry in 1998. He bought out a dying practice and began working in his home town of Old Bridge, New Jersey at, a practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. With a growing practice and many satisfied patients, Avi decided to sell the practice for a profit and find a practice that suited his growing needs.

After some time at his new practice, Avi decided what he really wanted was to help patients with sleep apnea. already seeing a few patients, Avi Weisfogel was determined to see more. After years of research, he had a plan and started Dental Sleep Masters where he sees hundreds of sleep apnea patients. He also founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients where he taught courses on how to achieve the same success with sleep patients. The course takes a few days to teach and requires continued support along the way. A sports fan and music lover, Avi loves to watch Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Browns and is a fan of Pink Floyd. He also stays active skiing.

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Effort Made by Keith Mann to Support Students to Achieve their Professional Objectives

On January 25, 2016, the BusinessWire reported about the announcement of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. The scholarship was reported to be an award for professional achievement, particularly to acknowledge fresh and creative business leaders. The Uncommon Schools are involved in the scholarship as principle partners.

The Uncommon Schools, a New York-based non-profit organization, will assist in the scholarship program by providing a single student on annual basis from one of its many high schools located in Brooklyn. Joe Frick, a college counsellor at Uncommon Schools, thanked both Keith and Keely Mann for initiating the scholarship, which would allow one student to afford college tuition fee for four years.

To qualify for the scholarship, the graduating seniors in any Uncommon Charter High School are required to write an essay comprising of a thousand words. The essay should contain information regarding the impacts of attaining a college degree to their professional objectives. Keith Mann said that the aim of the scholarship was to enable students from poor financial backgrounds attend and graduate from college with a degree to help them achieve their career objectives.

The process of application started on February 29, 2016 and a winner is expected to be awarded with $5000 in terms of scholarship by completion of March 2016.Keith is also dedicated to spotting abled leaders and matching them with institutions, which can aid them achieve success .

Keith Mann is the co-founder and managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. In 2002, Mann instituted the Alternative Investment Practice division under the Dynamic Executive Search in a bid to boost service delivery. He made this decision upon identifying the underservice by the search community to the quickly growing hedge fund sector. Keith later boosted the operations of the practice to the private equity business before establishing Dynamic Search Partners.

With an experience level spanning for fifteen years, Keith Mann is a specialist in hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation and staffing. Further, the company has grown to become among the biggest and acknowledged databanks of investment executives in the United States. Apart from executive search solutions, the company is reputable for offering alternative staffing services for top equity companies

Video Chat Rockets Forward With Great Download Rates

Even though Video Chat by Talk Fusion one of the industry leaders in video email marketing is brand new, it is quickly becoming a top communication program. In fact, Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia, 20th in Switzerland, and 5th in Japan according to Business For Home. Given the fact that it has only been in the marketplace for a few weeks this is a pretty impressive feat.

Of course, all a user has to do is try out the Video Chat and it is easy to see just why the app is so popular already. First of all, the marketplace does not have anything like it, and it offers HD quality which means you can proudly use it as a marketing tool. Second, it comes from Talk Fusion which is a company that is quickly cornering the video marketing industry.

Take one look at the Alexa web ranking for Talk Fusion and it has jumped 30,000 positions in just the last few weeks. This is due to the increase in traffic as more and more people are hearing about its products. It also will soon launch a 30 day free trial which pretty much means there is no reason to see what everyone is already talking about.

Talk Fusion is listening to customer feedback as well helping them to strengthen their tools by enhancing products they already offer and continuing to create new innovative products. Talk Fusion offers users an easy way to embed video into their marketing emails to help catch consumers’ attentions. To make this process easy, they offer over a thousand templates or the option to customize your own email.

The Video Chat app can now be downloaded for free for anyone that wants to try it out. It is available via iTunes and Google Play. Founded by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a highly ethical business that markets its tools via direct selling and an associate business plan.

Handy Dominates the Cleaning and Handyman Services Market

For only being around for three years, Handy has sure turned into a force to be reckoned with. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services company based out of New York City. Its founder, Oisin Hanrahan, was recently interviewed for an article published by The Next Web at the Web Summit. Hanrahan spoke about his vision in launching Handy as well as how he sees the company continuing to dominate the on-demand services market for years to come.

Hanrahan said that the idea for Handy came originally from his time spent in Hungary working in real estate development. As Hanrahan worked to help coordinate the rehabilitation of various apartment spaces, he came to realize that it was often difficult to locate contractors willing to perform necessary, but small tasks. After spending some time at Harvard Business School and learning from other startups, Hanrahan launched Handy to fill a void in the market for homeowners who need small scale contractor services and may not know where to turn for help. Currently, Handy does eighty percent of its business through in-home cleaning services, but it is poised to look beyond its current offerings to see what other types of services there could be a significant market for.

Hanrahan says his business model is based on using independent contractors mostly. Right now, Handy uses approximately 10,000 independent contractors to fill customers’ service orders. With a regular employee staff of about 160, former executives from top companies like Amazon and cash resources valued at about $50 million, Hanrahan Handy is in a better position than ever to keep expanding and experimenting with new markets and services. In the meantime, Handy has quite the loyal customer base to keep its business going and continues to receive rave reviews and referrals from satisfied clients.

The Amazing New Visual Search Technology from Slyce

Artificial intelligence is becoming more a part of our daily lives than ever before. Search engines are one of the most widely used forms of artificial intelligence that we use on a regular basis. There are many different image recognition and search engine technologies that come together to make our lives more interconnected. Visual search is a new technology that has really taken our basic searches to a new level of technological advancement. With visual search, it is easier than ever to find the products you are looking for. Being able to search with pictures is the future of search engine technology. Instant gratification is becoming possible for customers who can simply take a picture of a product they enjoy and instantly see many options for purchasing this item online.

Slyce had a very productive year in 2015. Their partnership with, the largest online retailer for shoes, showed great growth potential for this company. This allows users of the Slyce technology to take a picture of women’s footwear either out of magazines or in real life situations. This will then pair the individual up with inventory that can be purchased with just a few easy taps on any smartphone. Slyce has also signed agreements with both Shoe Carnival and Urban Outfitters. These new partnerships are helping Slyce to grow at a more rapid rate than ever before.

Universal Scanner is a new technology that Slyce is implementing in order to create easier matches within visual searches. These new searches with Universal Scanner will make it much easier for retailers and manufacturers to create matches with their products they are offering. Slyce Link is also a very important new technology that Slyce has been working on for the past year. This new Slyce Link technology allows retailers to suggest visually similar products based on the searches that this user has performed in the past. These suggested products can easily be added to any retailers website with a few simple lines of code. This is just one more marketing tool that can be used within the Slyce userbase for retailers to gain a better grasp on their target market.

Highland Capital Management To Buy Off Argentina’s Debt

The long awaited return of Argentina to the European stock market is almost here. The country is returning with a huge sellout of $12 million which will cover all the debts the country has with a couple of creditors like Paul Singer. Highland Capital Management a hedge fund dealing with stock in different holdings is one of the firms that have made a promise through its co-founder James Dondero to buy Argentina’s securities. The country is undergoing reformation with its current president who is determined to make a huge come back to the stock market after the experienced period of debt by the poor management of the former president.

James Dondero says that once the lawyers are holding the case drop off the ban, the country will with time regain back its status like other American sovereign countries. Dondero seems to be running with optimism that most likely once the creditors are cleared off their debts there is a high probability of them getting back into partnership with Argentina. His hedge fund Highland Capital Management is one of the top holds of Argentina notes worth $4 billion. For the past six months, Jim says that the notes were able to help recover the firm partially from the losses made in the energy sector holdings.

Jims experience in the financial credit analysis industry warrants hi such a move. Apparently with his Highland Capital Management Dondero has always taken tough investments that are pressuring like niche products. Such investments have made his hedge fund obtain great success in the financial analysis industry. Jim founded Highland capital management in 1993 and was working as a credit manager back then with the American Express. His financial credit analysis career started after his graduation from the University of Virginia; he joined Morgan Guaranty Training Program and grew to be the most effective financial credit analyst.

Jim has also received financial certification in addition to his dual majors in accounting and finance. He is a certified CMA, CPA, and CFA analyst who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. He is also a financial advisor and chairperson at Nexbank and has been trusted to partner in more than 12 public and private institutions as a board member. His optimism certainly could lead Highland Capital Management to greater heights especially once Argentina makes the long-awaited comeback to the market. Jim has also been awarded recognitions for his products at Highland capital management especially the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

Koch brothers begin to become clearer

Charles and David Koch were first revealed to be major donors to Republicans and other conservative groups back in the early 2000s when many Democrats and liberals rallied against their influence. The Koch brothers have a much longer history supporting conservative contests reveals and article on Bill Moyer’s website which traces the history of the Koch brothers, their role in politics, and some of the common myths surrounding the brothers and the causes that they support.

Charles Koch’s significant wealth comes from Koch Industries, a company that their father started and which has significantly expanded beyond its roots in the gas and oil industry to offer a fully diversified suite of products and services ranging from chemicals products to financial instruments. Charles Koch emphasizes the important role that the U.S. Constitution should serve in society as well as the importance of small government, low taxes, and taking personal responsibility for your own actions.

The Koch brothers control a core number of political action committees, the most prominent of which is called Americans for Prosperity which are devoted to supporting candidates and charities that support their ideals. The Koch brothers don’t just throw their money at random candidates but support an core group which is a myth exposed in the Moyer’s article. Further, their network of Political Action Committees (PACs) are larger in scope than just themselves and rely on contributions from a number of different donors to support the organizations they fund. The PACs that they fund are beyond the scope of just their business interests as a result.

Beyond that, several other myths associated Charles Koch are exposed in the article. Many believe that the Koch brothers political groups are founded with the aim of promoting their personal business interests. This does not appear to be true as the Koch brothers support causes that do not directly benefit their business in many ways and appear to be aligned with the Koch Brothers own sense of morality, namely supporting their own idea of small government and taking personality responsibility for your own actions.

Read the full article describing the myths and secrecy that surround the Koch brothers and learn more about these interest brothers who seem to be dedicating their substantial resources to improving the overall state of the country. Instead of demonizing him, this article explores and exposes more about Charles Koch who are only now beginning to come out of their cocoon and issue interviews defending their contributions and beliefs.

The Incorporation Threat Looming Over Lake Tahoe Has Finally Passed

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published an informative article highlighting the problems the Lake Tahoe community and tourism industry have been going through. Lake Tahoe has had nothing but bad luck for the last for years due to political, civic and weather problems. The weather has not been favorable to the area, and the area depends on snow and cold temps to extend the business season and attract tourists. The major problem affecting the area has been the political pressure to incorporate the area with powerful backers behind it. Many business owners have been on edge because of this threat looming over them for years now. In their eyes, incorporation of the area would greatly impact the political climate and change the civic landscape for the worse.

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe and its ski resorts, other businesses and residents have had a stroke of great luck on both fronts. It appears business is about to pick up in a big way for the area. The weather has finally been favorable after a long four years. There has been an early set of winter storm for the area, and cold temps have arrived early so the winter wonderland stays intact. The favorable weather has allowed the resorts to open up early, and the early opening of the resorts will result in an overall economic boom for the area because many business unrelated to tourism benefit off of the influx of tourists to the area. In addition to the favorable weather, the backers of the incorporation push have decided to pull out of the deal. This has helped everyone in the area sleep easier.

Andy Wirth has been especially vocal about how harmful incorporation would be to the area. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which means he is the owner of one of the biggest ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. He even stated in the publication how harmful the incorporation would be for the area. Andy Wirth loves Lake Tahoe and the community, and he devotes his life to helping it.

Not long ago, Andy Wirth almost lost his life in an accident. Since then, he has become even more active in the philanthropic community. He was already dedicated to improving the community’s environment, but now he also donates his time and money to wounded Navy Seals. Andy Wirth is a generous business man, and he loves to give back to his community.

How Sanjay Shah Stared Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital, a famous boutique company that found in London. The company was started several years ago in a very small rented room that used to operate as the office. There were several new graduates operating as the employees of the newly opened company found in northern London. The small company was specialized in brokerage activities in the area. The company did very well, and in a short span of time, it was a big organization that could afford to build its own luxurious offices and also take over new companies. In September 2011, Solo Capital was incorporated, and things got better for the institution.

The organization has grown significantly since its formation and incorporation. Recently, it managed to acquire a very powerful company in London that focuses on natural resources. The company bought is known as Old Lane Park Capital. Before the acquisition took place, Old Lane Capital was continuously getting loses every passing year. It was difficult to run the day to day activities of the institution without help. Experts advised them to sell the company to a powerful company or maybe partner with another institution to make things better. Old Lane Park has improved its performance after the acquisition. Better revenue has been achieved, and the institution has a bright future under the new management.

Sanjay Shah was born to Kenyan parents. However, his parents moved from Kenya and settled in London. They were looking for greener pastures and a good place to raise their children. They settled in a good neighborhood in central London. Their children went to the best schools and lived a good life. Shah went to school and graduated as a medical doctor. He, however, did not like the idea of treating patients. He abandoned medicine, settling for another option. He became an accountant.

In his new career in the financial industry, Shah worked for several banks, all located in London. He would, however, have to spend a lot of time in the morning and afternoon traveling to his workstation, something he never liked. He would also be forced to spend many hours sited in the office by his employer. He did not like this idea, and this made him quite the job during the 2008 financial crisis that affected the finance sector tremendously. He, however, did not want any further employment, and he moved on to start his own brokerage company that has grown to become Solo capital. The company is one of the biggest in the country, and it is very popular all over the world. He has his offices in Dubai and London. The British millionaire is currently forty-three years, and he is already tired.

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New Donald “Drumph” Wikipedia Page Creation

Recently, host of the popular cable network show, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” comedian John Oliver created a segment discussing the candidacy of the republican candidate for president, Donald Trumph. During the satirical segment, Oliver discussed the dishonesty in the Trumph campaign, highlighting the many issues that Trumph seems to have conflicting statements about and the many untruths the candidate seems to have told not only during the campaign, but thought out his long, media centered career. Near the end of the segment, John Oliver discussed the feelings voters may have in regard to the name “Trumph” and states that the name suggests feelings of grandeur, royalty, and wealth. He then reveals that Donald Trumph’s ancestral name is actually Drumph and was changed by one of his relatives. Oliver then suggested that citizens begin to use the name Drumph instead of Trumph to present the candidate with a name that had a sounded that caused people to think of things that are actually true of Donald Trumph. Oliver referred to the name Drumph as “the sound of an extremely obese pigeon smashing into a window.” He then came up with a slogan that mimicked Trumph’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Oliver’s slogan was, “Make Donald Drumph Again.” His show staff has created an online shop where customers can actually visit and purchase “Donald Drumph” attire in solidarity with the campaign. 

Shortly after John Oliver’s segment aired, a Wikipedia page devoted to the segment was created. This page discusses the segment and the related controversy in full. As a result of this page being created, the news around the Donald Drumph segment has exploded. Thousands of fans of the show have visited the Wikipedia page and have subsequently purchased anti-Trumph attire and products from the show’s online store as a result of reading about the segment through Wikipedia. 

In this instance and many instances like it, Wikipedia was used to help to market a product and an idea. For many businesses and individuals, Wikipedia offers an incredible opportunity to turn media campaigns into viral campaigns. Wikipedia is, in fact, the number one marketing tool used by companies and businesses all over the world. With its free platform, there is virtually no downside to creating Wikipedia webpages to promote products and services. Writing the articles, however, can be a hassle for business owners who have a product, but aren’t Wiki experts in writing promotion pieces. This is where Get Your Wiki comes in. Visit their website to receive information about hiring Wiki writers who are quality, knowledgeable professionals and are experts at taking the hassle out of creating a Wikipedia Page. By utilizing the services at Get Your Wiki, owners can concentrate on reaping the endless benefits of a professional Wikipedia business page creation.

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