Mr. Dondero Working Smart to Grow his Worth

James Dondero, a financial expert with many years of effective experience in the financial industry, founded the Highland Capital Management LP. It is a hedge fund located in Texas. James Dondero is the not only the founder but also the president of the company. He was at the University of Virginia whereby he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S) in Commerce. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst as well and has a Certified Management Accountant designation.

On completion of his financial training program at JP Morgan, his career at American Express began. James worked for American Express from 1985 to 1989 as he rose his investment value to a net worth of approximately $1billion in fixed income funds. From American Express, he went to Protective Life’s GIC and became the Chief Investment Officer.

Finally, he co-founded Highland Capital that gained its fame when James Dondero formed the Collateralised Loan Obligation (CLO) to deal with private equity funds, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, ETFs and REITs, which were his specialty.
On 03/02/2016, Highland Capital Management LP that was founded by James Dondero filed 13F in that quarter. The value of the portfolio according to the most recent news is $3.42billion which is a decrease of $1.49 in comparison to the previous records. The fact that this is the averagely quarter of the assets owned by Highland Capital Management LP leaves no room for ignorance. The approximate average of the entire worth of the company’s assets is valued at $15.04billion. In other words, the filing only represents 22.7% of the company’s assets. Additionally, the records do not showcase Highland Capital Management LP’s net worth or its shorts.

In the quarter mentioned, the company invested in 69new purchases. Some of the most substantial include$67.06million for SPDR S&P500 ETF, $23.35million for Inc., $17.24million for Danaher Corp Del, $17.73million for stakes available in Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. and $25.9million for Intracellular Therapies Inc. among other smaller significant purchases. All these purchases are strategic and intimated.

The hedge fund increased its incentives in several companies such as American Airls Group, Kinder Morgan Inc., Corning Inc., Salesforce Company Inc. as well as Patterson Companies Inc. To top it off, the fund managed to sell out all of its stakes in other companies. Without any particular reason. However, it is assumed that the sales were to add value, drive or to strategically position Highland Capital Management LP i a better financial state.

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