Oisin Hanrahan and the Debut of Handy

Handy has skyrocketed across the home cleaning industry in a way no one expected. A simple app designed to help smartphone users booking cleaning and repair work has turned into a multi-billion dollar company. Reportedly, Handy is valued in the $500 million range.

Oisin Hanrahan is one of the founders of Handy, and his skill and leadership contributed to the company becoming so successful. Through a tremendous amount of hard work and effort, he turned the startup into an on-demand powerhouse.

In an interview on The Next Web, Hanrahan mentioned he worked in real estate in Hungary while still a young man. He noticed people had a hard time dealing with a lot of basic cleaning and maintenance tasks. Later, he would look at a London-based on-demand taxi service, and this would spur the idea of creating an on-demand cleaning service. Eventually, Handy received tens of millions in startup capital. With the funds, Hanrahan and his partners would develop and launch Handy.

The millions in investment funding did not come right away. Hanrahan and his partners (friends he met at Harvard Business School) raised about $50,000 in seed capital. The money went to good use. The stage was set for Handy, then based out of Boston, to grow.

And grow the company did. Even though Handy had to deal with competition from other startups, Handy succeeded. The company provided a great way to book reliable help. This led to Handy topping other similar startups. Handy also did a fine job competing against established home cleaning and maintenance businesses.

Hanrahan noted that Handy’s strong screening service for its freelancers played a huge role in the company’s good fortunes. By making sure only the best and most qualified workers are affiliated with Handy, customers remain satisfied. The benefits of satisfied customers are pronounced.

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