The New Intelligent Phones From Securus Technologies Are The Hotcake Of Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies recently released over 84,000 intelligent communications devices into their inmate communication market. This phone are super high-tech phones that offer more just outbound phone calls to an inmate. Securus Technologies has been in the correctional facilities security and communication industry for over 28 years. During this time, Securus has been able to provide the industry with over 80,000 inmate telephones for basic communications via inmate phone calls. The recently launched intelligent inmate devices have already taken the market by a storm with the United States and Mexico taking the bigger share of the 84,000 units. These intelligent communications devices contain inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks, and S-Phones. Thus, devices are made with an emphasis on high-level security to offer inmates the best communication yet.

Securus Technologies says that their new devices will play a major role in the rehabilitation of inmates. The devices will also help reduce the levels of recidivism and improve the safety and security in correctional facilities. Furthermore, these devices will help inmates in job searching jobs and thus make the society a better place. These intelligent devices from Securus Technologies also offer education in both education, both high school and university level to inmates. The technology in this devices allows for better video communications between inmates and their friends and family. The new devices also offer inmate handbooks that enable inmates to pen their ideas and experiences. They also come with better law libraries and also give room for commissary ordering. To add on this, the devices promote religious activities. Most importantly, they offer entertainment services to inmates. Securus Technologies have shared their hope that levels will surpass 150,000 by the closure of 2016.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. This firm serves over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities with their security and investigative products. Over 1,200,000 inmates in North America utilize their inmate communication platforms. Their products revolve around providing communication and security solutions for this market. 

The have invested over $600 in their innovative products and services for the last three years, and this has greatly increased their cutting edge solutions in the market. This investment has offered the opportunity of presenting their market with products like the video chat software and the THREAD 3.1. The video visitation mobile application has led the way for other Securus Technologies products to penetrate the market (download from Google Play store here). There THREAD 3.1 software is playing a major role in the correctional facilities and public safety industries by helping to identify security threats.


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