Highland Capital Management To Buy Off Argentina’s Debt

The long awaited return of Argentina to the European stock market is almost here. The country is returning with a huge sellout of $12 million which will cover all the debts the country has with a couple of creditors like Paul Singer. Highland Capital Management a hedge fund dealing with stock in different holdings is one of the firms that have made a promise through its co-founder James Dondero to buy Argentina’s securities. The country is undergoing reformation with its current president who is determined to make a huge come back to the stock market after the experienced period of debt by the poor management of the former president.

James Dondero says that once the lawyers are holding the case drop off the ban, the country will with time regain back its status like other American sovereign countries. Dondero seems to be running with optimism that most likely once the creditors are cleared off their debts there is a high probability of them getting back into partnership with Argentina. His hedge fund Highland Capital Management is one of the top holds of Argentina notes worth $4 billion. For the past six months, Jim says that the notes were able to help recover the firm partially from the losses made in the energy sector holdings.

Jims experience in the financial credit analysis industry warrants hi such a move. Apparently with his Highland Capital Management Dondero has always taken tough investments that are pressuring like niche products. Such investments have made his hedge fund obtain great success in the financial analysis industry. Jim founded Highland capital management in 1993 and was working as a credit manager back then with the American Express. His financial credit analysis career started after his graduation from the University of Virginia; he joined Morgan Guaranty Training Program and grew to be the most effective financial credit analyst.

Jim has also received financial certification in addition to his dual majors in accounting and finance. He is a certified CMA, CPA, and CFA analyst who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. He is also a financial advisor and chairperson at Nexbank and has been trusted to partner in more than 12 public and private institutions as a board member. His optimism certainly could lead Highland Capital Management to greater heights especially once Argentina makes the long-awaited comeback to the market. Jim has also been awarded recognitions for his products at Highland capital management especially the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

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