Koch brothers begin to become clearer

Charles and David Koch were first revealed to be major donors to Republicans and other conservative groups back in the early 2000s when many Democrats and liberals rallied against their influence. The Koch brothers have a much longer history supporting conservative contests reveals and article on Bill Moyer’s website which traces the history of the Koch brothers, their role in politics, and some of the common myths surrounding the brothers and the causes that they support.

Charles Koch’s significant wealth comes from Koch Industries, a company that their father started and which has significantly expanded beyond its roots in the gas and oil industry to offer a fully diversified suite of products and services ranging from chemicals products to financial instruments. Charles Koch emphasizes the important role that the U.S. Constitution should serve in society as well as the importance of small government, low taxes, and taking personal responsibility for your own actions.

The Koch brothers control a core number of political action committees, the most prominent of which is called Americans for Prosperity which are devoted to supporting candidates and charities that support their ideals. The Koch brothers don’t just throw their money at random candidates but support an core group which is a myth exposed in the Moyer’s article. Further, their network of Political Action Committees (PACs) are larger in scope than just themselves and rely on contributions from a number of different donors to support the organizations they fund. The PACs that they fund are beyond the scope of just their business interests as a result.

Beyond that, several other myths associated Charles Koch are exposed in the article. Many believe that the Koch brothers political groups are founded with the aim of promoting their personal business interests. This does not appear to be true as the Koch brothers support causes that do not directly benefit their business in many ways and appear to be aligned with the Koch Brothers own sense of morality, namely supporting their own idea of small government and taking personality responsibility for your own actions.

Read the full article describing the myths and secrecy that surround the Koch brothers and learn more about these interest brothers who seem to be dedicating their substantial resources to improving the overall state of the country. Instead of demonizing him, this article explores and exposes more about Charles Koch who are only now beginning to come out of their cocoon and issue interviews defending their contributions and beliefs.

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