Video Chat Rockets Forward With Great Download Rates

Even though Video Chat by Talk Fusion one of the industry leaders in video email marketing is brand new, it is quickly becoming a top communication program. In fact, Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia, 20th in Switzerland, and 5th in Japan according to Business For Home. Given the fact that it has only been in the marketplace for a few weeks this is a pretty impressive feat.

Of course, all a user has to do is try out the Video Chat and it is easy to see just why the app is so popular already. First of all, the marketplace does not have anything like it, and it offers HD quality which means you can proudly use it as a marketing tool. Second, it comes from Talk Fusion which is a company that is quickly cornering the video marketing industry.

Take one look at the Alexa web ranking for Talk Fusion and it has jumped 30,000 positions in just the last few weeks. This is due to the increase in traffic as more and more people are hearing about its products. It also will soon launch a 30 day free trial which pretty much means there is no reason to see what everyone is already talking about.

Talk Fusion is listening to customer feedback as well helping them to strengthen their tools by enhancing products they already offer and continuing to create new innovative products. Talk Fusion offers users an easy way to embed video into their marketing emails to help catch consumers’ attentions. To make this process easy, they offer over a thousand templates or the option to customize your own email.

The Video Chat app can now be downloaded for free for anyone that wants to try it out. It is available via iTunes and Google Play. Founded by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a highly ethical business that markets its tools via direct selling and an associate business plan.

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