George Soros Compares Current Chinese Crisis to 2007-08 U.S. Crisis

George Soros has been very vocal on all challenges facing the European Union. He has been giving his opinion on how the crises would have been avoided in the first place and how they can now be solved. Soros has a history of speculating the currencies and in January 2016 predicted a financial crisis basing his predictions on the global currency, commodity and stock markets state. He also spoke on the sinking Chinese Yuan.

According to Soros China has a significant adjustment problem on which can be quantified as a crisis. He compares China’s current problem with the problem the United States had in 2008 before the collapse of the credit markets that led to a global recession. In an Asian Society event held in New York, Soros says that Chinas growth in credit as reported in March should be a warning sign.

The increase in credit by 2.34 trillion Yuan exceeds by far the median forecast of n1.4 trillion Yuan in a survey by Bloomberg. This shows that the China government is prioritizing growth of economy without concerns for the growing debt. George Soros says that credit growth also fueled the 2007-08 crisis in the U.S.

Soros has found himself in a war of words with the Chinese government before. In January at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, he made the same predictions against Chinese currency which were refuted by Chinas Xinhua news agency. According to the news agency on Soros had made the same predictions before but they had not come to pass.

Other problems that George Soros say are facing the Chinese economy are a banking system with more loans than deposits, and bank to bank lending which adds to the uncertainty. These problems have been deferred and can still be postponed for some other few years but will not stop the problem from growing.

The head of Asia Pacific at Fitch Ratings, Andrew Colquhoun is also worried by Chinas growth in borrowing. In an interview in New York, he said that the one thing that has been driving the recovery of the economy could end up destabilizing it. This is because China is growing an already unsustainable debt. Fitch has rated Chinas debt at A+. This is the fifth highest grade and is only a step lower than the ratings given by Standard &Poor. Colquhoun said in the interview that there is a loss of confidence in China’s government commitment to structural reforms.

Not everyone though has agreed with George Soros on his Chinese predictions. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysian Prime Minister, has disagreed with Soros saying that he is out to wreck the economy of the region. But Soros has maintained his stand on the Chinese economy. He is, however, positive on Chinas policy on the foreign exchange. Soros says the efforts to link the Chinese Yuan to other currencies rather than the dollar only are healthy and diminishes the threat of competitive devaluation. According to Soros, the growth in cooperation between China and the U.S. will calm the markets too.
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Bellamy’s Offers the Best Cuisine

If you are a resident Escondido, you will agree that are done quite differently here. In this city, the watch makes are considered as low-class people, but here, they are able to comfortably afford their monthly rents without any problems because they earn enough. In this area, you will also not find any silicon hostesses that are designed to help attract tourists to enter the restaurants and have their dinner. You can never see any mermaids in the beautiful city.

In most cities in the world, it is possible to find individuals wearing suspenders and moustaches everywhere in the restaurants. This idea has been in existence for a long time, and many individuals are already used to it. These people are also in Escondido, most probably because it is a custom that has been in existence for many years that everyone is used to. You will also most likely find several classic cars that bring different individuals together.

Just like the rest of the other cities in the world, you will most likely locate teenagers who frequent the shopping and food malls every now and then. These teenagers put on some unique jewelry that distinguishes them from everyone else. This whole idea has not been accepted in this city, and the old police look at the teenagers with a lot of suspicion. The area is not too modernized like the rest of the world.

San Diego is quite different from the other cities. If you are among the educated individuals in the area, you will be forced to go to Escondido when in San Diego. This is the place you can get better services and the type of experience you will never forget.

Escondido is famed because of the type of food cooked and served there. These cooks are very experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, and their services are loved by people who frequent the area.

Brian Bonar, a well- known Scottish businessman decided to invest in the lucrative restaurant business in the area. Not long ago, the businessman decided to start a restaurant that is located in the North County.

For any restaurant to do well in the area, a businessman must ensure that they employ the best cooks who are experienced and know their job perfectly. In his page, it is seen that the competition is quite high, and this forced Brian Bonar to hire the best cooks from one of his favorite restaurants. His restaurant is known as Bellamys, and it is currently offering the best services to the people.

The food from Bellamys is believed to be the best in the area, because the chefs know their job too well. Many visitors and tourists who frequent the place say that the restaurant is the best. Brian has a lot of experience in the filed too, and this explains the success experienced at Bellamys.


Brian Bonar’s Upscale Restaurant Is Attracting Modern Foodies

Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur from Scotland who has built a restaurant empire in North County, California. His first restaurant was the bistro Bellamy, which is where renowned chef Patrick Ponsaty is currently working his culinary magic. Previously, Bellamy was Tango, and featured progressive dishes in an attempt to broaden the scope of fine dining in Escondido.

After the restaurant was renamed, Bonar searched for staff at one of his favorite eateries–El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. El Bizcocho announced a complete overhaul, which was a good business move, except for the fact that the “soul” of the restaurant (the professionals who had been there for years) was let go.

Because of this, Bellamy’s had the pleasure of landing Trevor Da Costa for the front of the house, and former El Bizcocho book Mike Reidy was hired as the executive chef.

In addition to Bellamy’s, White Pages says that Brian Bonar is also the mastermind behind Ranch at Bandy Canyon ( The restaurant is on a 144-acre lot, and, Bonar is looking to turn the restaurant into a top-notch event space that includes a one-of-a-kind restaurant. However, he needs a marquee chef to pull it off.

In the meantime, Brian Bonar can certainly count on Patric Ponsaty to make Bellamy even more of a success. The French chef has also been tapped to take a leadership role in the kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, and is sure to present refined French cuisine that will impress every guest who dines there.

Ponsaty has been compared to Thomas Keller in terms of his talent, but is much more soft-spoken and gentle. The Bellamy’s chef is also the 2012 winner of the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, and was also part of the El Bizcocho staff before making the transition into Bonar’s thriving restaurant business ventures.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Plastic Surgical Procedures


Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. She continued at the University of Texas and was honored with her Medical Doctorate Degree after completion of her residency.

Professional Career

After concluding her residency training, she left Texas and moved to New York to pursue her desire in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden under the guidance of her mentor Dr. Sherrell Aston worked in plastic surgery at the highly recognized Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After seven years working in New York, Dr. Walden created her own practice Walden Cosmetic Surgery located in Austin, Texas.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Jennifer Walden is recognized as one of the finest plastic surgeons in the United States. She has scored as one of the top ten plastic surgeons in Texas. She has been highlighted on numerous main news media sites for her outstanding work. Dr. Walden specialized in Botox, laser surgery, hair removal, skin peels, and skin resurfacing. She also is an expert at tummy tucks, facial reconstructions, cosmetic vaginal procedures and other plastic surgical procedures she executes.

She gives her patients the most up-to-date, progressive options that are in the marketplace today. She also has broken barriers as one of the few ladies to be selected to be on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board of directors.

Cosmetics Surgery Times Article

An article titled 3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Myths which is located on the Cosmetics Surgery Times website wrote about Dr. Walden’s opinion about the facts on having cosmetic vaginal procedures. She states that more requirements for having noninvasive vaginal treatment are on an increase. More females are seeking Labiaplasty to reduce the size of the labia. The Labiaplasty cosmetic techniques are ranked in position twenty-one for surgical procedures in 2015. Dr. Walden also mentioned how many women are seeking treatment to enable the tightening up of the vaginal area after having a baby. ThermiVa radio frequency is the treatment that is being used to help with tightening the vaginal area. Women are very interested in cosmetic options available for their sexual health.

Influential Career Choices Of Helane Morrison

There are some really influential people out there, and Helane Morrison is definitely one of the most inspiring people that I have recently come across. I found out about her after reading this article from Project Eve that focuses on her careers over the past several decades. This woman has been involved in some tremendous efforts to bring a higher level of consciousness to the business, legal and financial communities around the United States. She has done this through her work as an investigative journalist, and she has also helped enrich other peoples’ lives by giving speeches on these aforementioned topics. In addition, she has served in a number of high ranking positions in the legal and judicial communities.

Helane Morrison’s Educational Journey

When I was looking for information about which schools to apply to for my upcoming masters program, I stumbled upon the website Project Eve that gives some great tips for anyone who is trying to enrich their learning process. The article that I found on Helane Morrison gave me a new perspective on the types of challenges that I will likely face if I continue in my chosen field of investigative journalism. Helane Morrison had to go through a rigorous educational training prior to her career development, of course. It is helpful to me to see this information, and hopefully it will be of help to someone else that is in this same field.

Helane Morrison started her formal college education at Northwest University, which is located in Illinois. At Northwest she was able to earn her Bachelors degree in journalism, which became vital when she went to law school. The degree helped her establish a good reputation in her law school at University of California Berkeley School of Law. She decided to work for the law review at Berkeley School of Law as their Editor in Chief. This gave her a credible reputation when she decided to enter the work force.

Career Of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison’s career has been prolific, to say the least. She worked with a Supreme Court Justice on a number of highly influential cases. The cases dealt with corruption and discrimination. She joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. At Hall Capital she is their Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and General Counselor. To read more about Helane Morrison, go to Project Eve’s article about her life.

Sanjay Shay and Autism Rocks has Added New Trustees

Sanjay Shah has the Business Background
Sanjay Shay is the Chief Executive Officer at Solo Capital. He is also the founder of this financial service company. He is indeed a qualified businessman who has a large impact on autism. Business and financial experience is on his side.

New Members of the Board
The PRNewswire has reported the story of the newest additions to the Board of Trustees for the charity Autism Rocks. This is an organization that is growing in every way. Autism Rocks is highly involved with raising awareness and donations for autism. Included in this is research for this disorder. The two new members that have been appointed are Pete and Will Best. Mr. Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, is very familiar with the Best brothers. Shah has known these two since their university days. He holds the belief that both of them have the experience along with the professional skills to greatly add to the goal and mission of Autism, Rocks.

A Clear Understanding of Autism Rocks
Autism Rocks is an organization that is considered to be an invitation-only live concert charity. The idea of this is to raise awareness, ensure that research is in place, and obtain donations for Autism. This organization has grown all through the world. Autism Rocks is located and based in London. This lifelong disorder has the following characteristics:
* development difficulties of social relationships
* difficulties with communication skills
* the disorder affects one in 68 children on a yearly basis

Shanjay Shah is the Caring Founder
Shanjay Shah is the one who founded Autism Rocks. He founded this in the year 2014. He is an individual who fully participates in philanthropy. He had very personal reasons for starting and founding Autism Rocks. He has experienced first-hand the effects of autism. His son Nikhil had been diagnosed with autism. Mr. Shah saw the need for assistance for this affliction. There are many families who have children with this disorder. These are families who are in need of support. He felt a need to take action and play a role in assisting these families while providing funding for the research of this disorder. Solo Capital and Autism Rocks are priorities for Shanjay Shah. Business and philanthropy are intertwined in many ways.

My Dog Deserves Beneful And So Does Yours

Can you believe all the options that they have at the pet stores these days? I remember when I was younger that there were only a few brands of dog foods, but there are now aisles of foods to choose from. It can be a real challenge to locate a quality dog food that you can trust to provide your pet with the right balance of key ingredients. Premium dog foods are worth looking into. I found an article that shows exactly why premium dog food companies are trustworthy. It is from the Daily Herald. I will include a link at the end of this post.
What You Get When You Buy Premium Dog Foods

Trust me when I say that I have done plenty of research on this topic. My wife found the article from the Daily Herald, however, and she sent it to me. I wanted to give my experiences with premium dog foods because people deserve to see the truth. The truth is that premium dog food companies put a lot of conscious effort into making their food products stand out among all the competitors.

The premium dog food that my family has come to love is from Beneful. This brand is responsible for creating unique blends of high quality ingredients that pet owners can trust feeding to their animals. Beneful makes a wide assortment of healthy options to choose from, so your dog gets to experience unique, rich flavors that no other brand has to offer.

Next time you are strolling around in the Wal-Mart store, pick up a bag of Purinastore’s Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. You will see that there are a few options to choose from in this high quality dry dog food. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals ( comes in three varieties. They have one that is made with real beef, another that is made with real chicken, and another that is made with real salmon. My dog likes all three of these, so we tend to rotate which one we feed to him. Here is the article from the Daily Herald.

New York High School Graduate Receives the 2016 Keith Mann Scholarship Award

Non-profit organization, Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York announced the recipient of the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Award for Professional Excellence in March 2016. The scholarship award program was originally announced on January 25th, 2016 by Business Wire. The organization has received tens of thousands of dollars in financial contributions from donors, including Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners. Mr. Mann is the vice president and managing director of the investment executive staffing agency. He and members of Dynamics are involved in various programs, such as career development and resume building workshops.

Keith and Keely Mann will award one student every year a $5,000 scholarship to attend any university or college in the United States. The recipient may apply the scholarship cash award on tuition and/or books. It was a sensational day for the academic striving student attending an Uncommon School. Students from urban charter public schools in Brooklyn worked very hard completing applications and writing essays to become eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship was announced in January and students had until the end of February to submit the required documents and writings.

Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools Organization with the goal of mentoring and motivating high school students. The Dynamics Team selects schools within urban Brooklyn school district to help seniors prepare for four-year colleges. Students are taught how to complete admission forms; how to fill-out financial aid applications; and how to write a resumes. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship recipient and classmates received training during workshops created by Mr. Mann and the team to prepare for college and job opportunities.

Mann has served as the managing director of Dynamics Search Partners for nearly sixteen years. Dynamics is an executive placement firm that matches applicants with leading hedge fund management companies internationally. The agency works with managers, analysts, executives, and known investment businesses. Keith Mann contributes to the state of New York by giving his time and donations to Brooklyn’s urban schools. Since 2013, he has made a tremendous difference in the lives of students who come from low-income families.

Check out the original BusinessWire article here.

GoFundMe Campaign is launched by Avi Weisfogel To Facilitate Operation Smile

With many children born with cleft palate, cleft lips and many other forms of facial deformities, there has been the need to chip in and help. The launch of GoFundMe by Avi Weisfogel is aimed at raising about $ 2000, which shall be channeled to Operation Smile’s kitty. This international organization is a medical charity that seeks to provide free surgeries to the children suffering from any facial deformities.

The surgical procedures are also open to adults with different facial disabilities. The campaign supports Operation Smile’s objectives in order to provide every child with the hope for a healthier and better tomorrow. In a recent interview, Avi asserted that Operation Smile is working round the clock to ensure that children have hope about their future irrespective of the difficulties of life. He added that his passion and background in Dentistry made him fund Operation Smile through his GoFundMe campaign.

Over the years, Operation Smile has been working with the local medical practitioners, government agencies, healthcare institutions and other institutions in order to develop a functioning surgical care model. The objective of this collaboration is to come up with viable solutions that will enable them reach most children in a given location.

Operation Smile has been conducting medical missions in a given location per year. These missions are not easy given that equipment and personnel have to be imported based on the on-site resources. In order to achieve maximum output, Operation Smile has been working with local healers to provide patients with care based on their own languages and culture.

Bill and Kathy Mgee found the charitable organization back in 1982. Helping children in Philippines was their first mission. Over the subsequent years, Operation Smile has established a global network with volunteers from 80 countries around the globe. To date, the organization has undertaken over 220,000 free surgeries. In addition, the charitable institution has been building long-term sufficiency by providing training to local medical practitioners.
About Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi is the proprietor of Old Bridge Dental Care. Owing to his extensive research, he was able to establish Healthy Heart Sleep with the view of managing sleep disorders among patients. The graduate of biology and psychology from Rutgers University is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Over the years, he has been running sleep-testing systems besides supporting dentists secure patients with Apnea.

Dr. Avi is a sports fan. He has tickets for the New York Rangers NHL Team. The dentist asserts that the symptoms of sleep bruxism are clenching of the muscles of the jaw and grinding of teeth when one is sleeping. The DDS from the college of Dentistry in New York University has floated much information to other dentists to enable them identify potential clients.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Program Enjoying Great Market Success After 90 Days In The Market

Talk Fusion recently introduced a Video Chat platform to the world communication market. This Video Chat platform is aimed to serve both the individual users and conferencing needs of businesses and organizations. Just 90 days after it was released to the global communication market, the Talk Fusion Video Chat platform has recorded great success in all its aspects. The mobile version of the Video Chat program which is available for Android and Apple phones is leading in the market followed by the PC version of the program. The Talk Fusion Video Chat programs success is mainly associated with the high quality of HD video communication it offers the market.

In markets like Indonesia, this Video Chat program is already the leading video communication tool. In Japan, the program is number five while in Switzerland this Video Chat platform is number 20 in the video communication services. The Talk Fusion Video Chat brings speed and flexibility on top of high-quality images to the fast-rising video communication industry. To further open up its markets, Talk Fusion has introduced a 30 day free trial period for all its new clients. Furthermore, these new clients will be able to enjoy the full extent of services through their Video Chat platform during the trial period. Talk Fusion added that it would also be looking into subsidizing its charges for its video chat services. It is expected that in the next three months, their Video Chat platform will have achieved great market success to top most countries video communication rankings.

Talk Fusion is a leading technology solutions provider for the online marketing and communication industries. This firm has been helping businesses all over the world expand their markets through top notch online marketing services. Talk Fusion operates in over 140 countries worldwide working in collaboration with independent distributors. This firm is famed for its cutting-edge services that have helped it to grow widely on the international markets. As a direct selling firm, Talk Fusion has put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. This has helped this firm acquire a lot of market knowledge on the needs of the market that it uses to determine the direction of its new products.