iFunding And The Bright Minds Behind It

iFunding is the revolutionary way of investing in real estate without the risk of putting up large upfront capital as well as needing the knowledge and industry contacts to do so. Simply sign up on the website, choose a property that you would like to invest in and the rest is handled by iFunding and the team of professionals. iFunding takes away all the unnecessary documentation, paperwork and legal jargon and makes real estate investing fun again. The real estate property that is displayed on the website is just a handful of the thousands of offers that come through the iFunding doors. There is literally competition between property developers to get the attention of the iFunding platform because people realise that iFunding brings about positive returns.

The platform allows the pooling together of multiple investors capital in order to get in on really big investments that were not available to the average investor before. This has changed the investment landscape completely. No longer does one need the know how or even the capital, minimum investments start at $5000 and go up to maximum $10 000. This is a minute investment when considering the scale of some of the property’s on the iFunding platform. After the money for the investment is raised, the profits generated by these properties is then shared out amongst the investors and all this is done by the iFunding team. They also provide analytics and other necessary information in order to remain as transparent as possible and abide by ethical business practices.

William Skelley who was the cofounder of the great iFunding platform is now the current CEO and is very active within the company making sure that the iFunding vision is met. In a recent article William Skelley was named a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. Thanks to his prior experience and knowledge in both investment and real estate, he has now managed to create a business and combine both of those entities. iFunding has already completed over 40 projects in recent years worth a total of $250 million which shows their success. William Skelley came up with the crowd funding and real estate investment combination during his work at Rose Park Advisors where he met the owner of the hedge fund Dr Clayton Christensen, who’s background focused on disruptive innovation.

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