New York High School Graduate Receives the 2016 Keith Mann Scholarship Award

Non-profit organization, Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York announced the recipient of the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Award for Professional Excellence in March 2016. The scholarship award program was originally announced on January 25th, 2016 by Business Wire. The organization has received tens of thousands of dollars in financial contributions from donors, including Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners. Mr. Mann is the vice president and managing director of the investment executive staffing agency. He and members of Dynamics are involved in various programs, such as career development and resume building workshops.

Keith and Keely Mann will award one student every year a $5,000 scholarship to attend any university or college in the United States. The recipient may apply the scholarship cash award on tuition and/or books. It was a sensational day for the academic striving student attending an Uncommon School. Students from urban charter public schools in Brooklyn worked very hard completing applications and writing essays to become eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship was announced in January and students had until the end of February to submit the required documents and writings.

Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools Organization with the goal of mentoring and motivating high school students. The Dynamics Team selects schools within urban Brooklyn school district to help seniors prepare for four-year colleges. Students are taught how to complete admission forms; how to fill-out financial aid applications; and how to write a resumes. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship recipient and classmates received training during workshops created by Mr. Mann and the team to prepare for college and job opportunities.

Mann has served as the managing director of Dynamics Search Partners for nearly sixteen years. Dynamics is an executive placement firm that matches applicants with leading hedge fund management companies internationally. The agency works with managers, analysts, executives, and known investment businesses. Keith Mann contributes to the state of New York by giving his time and donations to Brooklyn’s urban schools. Since 2013, he has made a tremendous difference in the lives of students who come from low-income families.

Check out the original BusinessWire article here.

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