Food Shortages and Inflation in Venezuela

Venezuela is enduring some terrible food shortages because of policies that make the production difficult.

Profits and the pricing of food is controlled by the government. The idea according to expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez being that the food will be easily available and priced for everyone to purchase. Instead, this is killing the production of food because there’s just not enough income for the producers.

A survey done by Encovi in August through September of 2015 revealed that 87% of the people polled did not have enough money to purchase food for themselves.

“The selling of oil has filled Venezuela’s pockets for a long time” added Manuel Gonzalez. Oil returns are much lower than they’ve previously been, and there is much corruption in the business.

Inflation in the country is terrible, and has risen to 180.9%. This rise has occurred rather suddenly over the past year. In the beginning of 2015, the inflation was only at 82.4%.

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