Talk Fusion Opens up Free Trial Period for New Users

For the better part of the past decade e-mail marketing has been rising more and more into the forefront of the public mind. Businesses have started to realize that they can tune in to more customers simply by sending an email than by marketing to them in any other way. That is why Talk Fusion, owned and operated by CEO Bob Reina, has become such a big player in the game of marketing. Reina launched video based email marketing and it has caused his company to skyrocket. Now Talk Fusion is looking at giving back with a 30 day free trial period for new customers.

Free Trial Users are going to see the doors open up to reveal all of Talk Fusion’s greatest assets. Talk Fusion will be giving video tutorial, extensive guides, business boosting tips, and access to their video email program. Studies show that embedding a video into an email will dramatically change the likelihood of converting a customer. It’s no wonder that Reina and his company, Talk Fusion, have found so much success with their marketing technique.

New users who take advantage of the Free Trial will be able to register hassle free via Talk Fusion’s newly re-designed website. All you need is an email address and some time before you can get registered. Users don’t have to provide any personal contact info nor are they asked to put in their credit card. Users who end up enjoying the service can go ahead and register at their own convenience at a later time.

Talk Fusion is considered one of the global leaders when it comes to video marketing. Talk Fusion is an innovative company that got its start back in 2007 when CEO Reina felt like he didn’t have any conventional options to bring his idea to life through existing platforms. Reina was told that video marketing through email was not a viable strategy. Now Talk Fusion is in over 140 countries around the globe thanks to a wide and expansive team of independent associates that are helping to bring the platform to as many eyes as possible.

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