The Rise of Hall Capital Under The Leadership of Helane Morrison

One of the most successful investment companies in California is Hall Capital. The company was registered way back in 1994 and is currently headed by Kathryn Hall who is the Chief Executive Officer. One of the policies taken up by the CEO is employing women with impeccable academic qualifications and the knack to identify business ideas and implement them. This gives the women the same opportunities that men have in shaping the financial sector in the United States.

The Investment Company has been termed as one of the most successful having at least twenty four billion dollars assets under management. The success of the company has given many people in the Bay Area the confidence to invest and entrust their money to Hall Capital. This has helped the company invest and grow the money for the clients. Some of the clients that have invested through Hall Capital are the families of Warren Hellman and John Fisher who are among the wealthiest in the area. Hall Capital also manages a private equity called Hellman & Friedman in San Francisco.

Hall Capital is one of the most successful investment companies in the San Francisco area in the State of California. The Chief Executive Officer has instilled a culture where the firm gives women of impeccable integrity and academic qualifications to work at the firm. The company has most employees being women to foster women participation in the financial sector. Helane Morrison is one of the employees of Hall Capital working as the managing director and also serving as the general counsel and the chief compliance officer of the company. Her tenacity, passion, integrity, academic qualifications and experience working at the Securities and Exchange Commission are some of the major attributes that caught the eye of the Chief Executive Officer. At the San Francisco Securities Exchange, her obligations included securities law enforcement, fraud litigation and general regulatory issues. Her experience at the Exchange Commission gave her the resolve to turn around the financial sector and restore sanity in the sector. She made sure that the ethical standards were followed to the letter and that the investorsā€™ money was safe. Now working at Hall Capital, one of her primary goals is to ensure that investors in the United States can now have faith investing in the financial sector.

HelaneĀ holds a J.D in law from the University of California in Berkeley School of Law and after finished school she was a law clerk at the United States Court of Appeal and later under Justice Blackmun at the Supreme Court. She also holds a degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University.

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