Slyce and the Grand Rise of Image Recognition Software

Image recognition and visual search technology is likely to become a commonplace feature on all commercial websites and social media platforms. Visual search programs at just make all things much, much easier for customers and browsing visitors. As long as the popularity of this innovative and relatively new technology and software continues to be grow, more platforms are going to choose to utilize it.

Image recognition software makes the whole process of search through a retail or social media site a lot faster. While the basic setup of the current search methods are fairly simple, they can be burdensome. No one is saying it is too difficult or complicated to type in keywords in a search box. That really is not the cumbersome part. Having to weed through a number of different results that have nothing to do with what is desired to be sought after is what drags things down.

Not every purchase is intended for leisure activities. People do buy things online for business reasons as well. Maybe someone who is looking for a job wants a new suit. Running generic keywords through a search box might lead to a host of results, but the results may be extremely disappointing. Fishing through the results could take an annoying amount of time. Boredom sets in and settling for a third-rate choice is the result.

Finding the right look becomes much easier when the search is executed with an image. Visual recognition programs allow for matching an image with an image. All of this is done in seconds. People who want to save time and also save money are able to get both results. Visual recognition software is intended to meet both these goals.

Slyce is a startup that has played a massive role in the amazing development of image and product recognition programs. Slyce was founded in Toronto not to many years ago. The original goal of the company was to develop a smartphone image recognition app that would expand on the brilliant concept of Amazon flow.

Slyce’s success has been pronounced. The company is now affiliated with a host of top online retail companies. Slyce has also expanded its scope of operations. For $6.5 billion, Slyce purchased SnipSnap, a coupon app that has an enormous amount of potential. A Yahoo! Finance report revealed Slyce has plans to develop and purchase more apps and software.

As Slyce’s success continues to grow, so will the online presence of image recognition software.

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