Davos Financial Group Founder and CEO

David Osio can be dabbed as an accomplished professional, serving as Davos Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer. He is a graduate of Catholic University Andres Bello; a leading University in the Latin America and Venezuela regions. He took on International Banking Law at the Institute. His career set off in the year 1981 when he became the CEO and President of OPED Enterprise. The company dealt in coffee export programs. He subsequently held executive positions at LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. His role there was to structure the marketing programs for the various products from industries in the United States.

Mr. Osio decided, in 1984 to join MGO; a law firm based in Caracas. During this time, he dealt with corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Having gained much knowledge and experience in the banking and money sector, he took on a leading role, serving as the Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International, in Miami. During this tenure, he oversaw the increase in the value of customer portfolio, strengthening the position of the bank internationally.

When it got to 1993, David Osio opted to establish his enterprise. As a result, the Davos Financial Group of companies was born. This was the first Venezuelan business that provided financial advice for a rather select clientele. David Osio has acted as the founder and CEO, and has managed over the years to develop into a proactive leader; that has seen him not only be able to increase the generated income by the business but also within a short period, strengthen and expand it. Mr. Osio has successfully managed to set up licensed companies in several major strategic cities like New York, Geneva, Panama and Miami, each being independent. The objective in David’s plans has been developing through these companies a financial boutique offering its client’s tailored services that match their expectations and demands. The companies have managed to create a competitive and highly diversified investment platform, courtesy of the agreements they make with the various major banks around the globe. The companies operate with strict adherence to banking regulations and international standard for competency and efficiency.

David Osio’s companies constantly collaborate with non-profit organizations that aim at promoting social welfare. Their virtue reflects in their work and promotes a sense of corporate social responsibility within their walls. Miami Symphony Orchestra, Saludarte Foundation, Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, UMA Foundation, and Fundana Foundation, are among the list of many foundations Mr. Osio has provided support for. http://www.slideshare.net/davidosio

The good leadership role in the companies and community has seen Mr. Osio and his companies crowned with international awards like Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider among others. His contribution to the business community and society continues to be admired greatly by many.

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