Dr. Clay Siegall Has Exceptional Leadership Skills

The current president and CEO of Seattle Genetics is Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. He cofounded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is an expert in science and biotechnology. He is talented and highly trained in the field of science and innovations. He is also a great entrepreneur. Dr. Siegall was named as the entrepreneur of the year in the region of Pacific Northwest back in 2012. He has been in leadership for many years and hence, he has great and admirable experience. His leadership techniques are spectacular because of his excellent knowledge and ability to work with a team of experts.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Education background and experience of Dr. Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a Doctor of Philosophy which was a great achievement at George Washington University in the USA. Siegall holds a bachelor’s degree in Science (Zoology) from the University of Maryland. He is a great leader and an individual with a great passion for science and innovation. His skills have enabled him to achieve more his roles of leadership. It is proved by the many organizations that he leads. He is also a director in many companies which include Ultragenix Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

The foundation of Seattle Genetics

It was established back in 1998 under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall. He was driven by the passion for helping the patients who are needy in the opening of the company. The company was built on great scientific innovations and thorough research. The company has achieved more under the supervision of Dr. Clay Siegall. One of the biggest achievements of the company is the invention of the (ADCs) antibody drugs conjugates. The drugs were approved in a ceremonial event by the US government in the administration of medications and food back in 2011. The drugs gained popular recognition countrywide.

Dr. Siegall has led the company to the achievement of many other things. It is now a stable company in the field of biotechnology. The company serves a large number of patients from the US and other foreigners. It has won several honorary awards has invested in many areas. The company has an excellent vision and objectives of becoming a global leader in cancer treatment and biotechnology.


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