Southern Dallas Set To Benefit from the Housing Scheme by Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Nexbank SSB

Dallas Neighborhood Homes recently embarked on an ambitious project. The venture is aimed at providing more than 100 loans. This loans will be disbursed to potential homeowners in the Southern part of Dallas for the next five years. That deal was struck in partnership with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity cooperation.

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In total, the loans by NexBank SSB expected to reach well over $50 million for the entire project. The underprivileged locals are set to benefit the most from the grants. In addition to the financing, they will also receive free counseling and guidance on how best to utilize the loans advanced. What’s more, the bank has pledged to foot any other fees arising from the closing transactions. They will pay up to $2000 affiliate closing fees on behalf of their clients.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Improved Quality of Life and a Brighter Future for the Kids

Speaking to the press, the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity expressed his sincere gratitude to the regional lender for their contributions towards making the project a success. Thanks to this initiative, the problem of housing ought to become a thing of the past. In five years, the project ought to culminate into a better and a brighter future for the residents of the locale. The Executive Vice President and the C.O.O of the bank was very excited by the partnership venture with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. He referred to them as being a great company; just like NexBank.

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