Keith Mann: He Understands and Supports Young Adults In Education

I don’t think I could ever recall a time when education was more important than it is right now. It is probably the most important thing when it comes to a young adult. They need that degree to even get in the room sometimes. It is very competitive out there and there are a lot of young adults vying for jobs and looking to get ahead. In order to even be considered, someone has to have that degree. It gives them a certain aura of respectability they otherwise would not have. However, once they are in the door, it is up to them to knock it out of the park and hit a home run.


Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners wants to make that happen for them. He believes in them, supports them, and knows what they can do. That is why he is big on holding fundraisers and handing out scholarships. He knows there will be a day where he will have to pass the torch and he is not afraid to do that. In fact, he is happy to do it. It puts a big smile on his face when he knows he has helped someone. He does not want any credit for it, however. He knows the young adults are the ones that have put in the hard work and they have earned it the old-fashioned way.


In many ways, he sees a lot of himself in them. He knows they have what it takes and he knows they are willing to go the extra mile. They will never use excuses. A recent fundraiser that Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners held raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. That is big time money that is really going to help these young adults get their foot in the door and show the world what they are made of as individuals. That is the ultimate dream of Keith Mann. That is why he does what he does. He wants them to have the chance. He has talked on many occasions about making it an even playing field. This is the way to do it.

Global Education

Ever wished you could have access thirty thousand professional writings in a instant? Thanks to the Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary, this wish is possible, and with no strings or charges attached.

Wessex Institute of Technology has an online journal collection called the WIT Press eLibrary that makes available published conference proceedings, journals, specialized research monographs, and edited works. Every published paper since 1993 to the present is available online for free through the WIT Press eLibrary. There are works of technology is a number of areas, including engineering sciences, ecodymanics, and safety. All of these published works are peer reviewed and from credible sources. All of the articles and writings are available for download as well, which would typically be worth over twenty-five dollars, or as the homeland of WIT would say, twenty-three Euros.

That way people can be educated and knowledgeable, as well as do research for their own projects. An eLibrary like this allows for people to build off of one another, which will create a global community that collaborates and communicated effectively. The work of WIT Press is valuable beyond words, and can help continue the progress of science, technology, math, and engineering on an international scale.

The Tale of Handy Home Cleaning

Oisin Hanrahan is going to go down in the ranks of startup business history as a legendary figure. Hanrahan noticed the great success ride sharing services were having. Upon realizing people in need of home cleaning and other services had a tough time booking good help, Hanrahan put the concept of “app booking” together with the home cleaning model. The end result was Handy, a massively successful company that has carved a huge niche out of the gig economy.

Hanrahan did not do things alone. He had a lot of great help that included his major partner and Handy co-founder Umang Dua. The two operate as CEO and COO respectively. Handy was not an overnight arrival. The idea developed slowly over time and went through a series of revisions. As Inc. Magazine points out, certain problems with the company created severe stumbling blocks for growth and profits.

Both Hanrahan and Dua learned the complexities of running a business are more complicated than realized. Realizing the company needed venture capital in order to maintain operations, the two sought funding. Funding was received in several different series rounds. While receiving the funding absolutely was a positive, other concerns arose.

Raising funds takes a lot of time and effort. Directing time and resources towards venture capital acquisition may cut into time necessary for managing or expanding the business. Without a properly run business, investors may not see the perfect return on their investment. So a lot of work has to be done by management to achieve the most desirable results.

The results for Handy positively did turn out to be desirable. The company has become a major force in the home cleaning/gig economy. As competitors rose and fell, Handy remained dominant. The company’s revenues today are nothing short of staggering.


How Fabletics Is Taking Over Women’s Activewear

If you do any kind of training, working out, or activities in-general then you know how important it is to have the proper attire. If training with weight, the last thing you want to be wearing are extremely loose fitted clothing that gets in the way or uncomfortable tight clothing that restricts movement. Good activewear can be used for everyday things such as training, walking the dog, running errands, or even grocery shopping. Have you ever heard of the brand Fabletics? Did you know that actress Kate Hudson is one of it’s co-founders? Well let me introduce you to this hot new brand that’s setting new trends in today’s society.


Fabletics is unique (in-a-sense) as compared to other activewear brands. This company has a much bigger and plan in mind as it is actually a reflection of the founders themselves. Kate Hudson is well known for leading an active and healthy lifestyle and since many women tend to not as good of care for themselves, Fabletics gives them the extra motivation. You may be asking how and why? Fabletics is way more than just a fashion line, but more so a way of life. It encompasses this notion by implementing a monthly program for the activewear. The company/brand offers the consumer trendy athletic apparel at deep discounted prices. “Think about it for a second.” This is a monthly type of program that gives it’s customers discounts on the actual products it sells. Anyone with just a fraction of “working out” sense know that that in order to get healthy and achieve a certain look it’s going to take some time. The monthly program is more so for a genuine source of inspiration and the trendy clothing are the perks for being a member. Got it?


Whether it’s sweating it out at the gym or just chasing the kids around the house, you’ll have a great comfortable fit with plenty of style. These products are designed for daily activities that doesn’t have to be training. Joining is simple! Just head over to company website and take a short quiz, which gives Fabletics a better feel for what you’ll be needing. Every month you will receive handpicked outfits that meet your need. If you want to make positive changes about your life, Fabletics is the solution.


The Many Talents of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an individual who showed huge potential at an early age. Even at the ripe old age of nine and in fourth grade, he had already graduated beyond his ABC’s into programming his own computers. Eric Pulier is a man of immense intelligence, and he was accepted into Harvard right out of high school.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1988, he moved to Los Angeles and founded a number of companies. These included People Doing Things (PDT) and Digital Evolution, which merged with US interactive LLC in 1998.

Pulier also expanded on his experience and founded such great companies as Service Mesh, Desktone, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Forum, which later merged into TM Forum. You will notice there have been an immense amount of mergers during Pulier’s professional life, and there are many important things we can glean from that.

First of all, it takes a lot of experience to oversee a merger of two large companies. It takes a great deal of organizational skills in order to oversee a merger. It takes a great of leadership as well. If there is one thing that Mr. Pulier has learned, it is that there is no substitute for experience in this process.

There is no question that Eric Pulier expects nothing short of the best in whatever endeavor he is working on. Even in his childhood, he has always exhibited the needed leadership ability to continue to exceed expectations. Like any other leader, he also realizes that you get out what you put in. Hard work is its own reward, and Pulier truly has much to be proud of.

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Ricardo Tosto’s Accomplishments in the Brazilian Legal Area

Ricardo Tosto is one of the notable strategists and litigators based in Brazil. Mr. Tosto has spent almost two decades planning and acting in defense of famous people and companies in cases that have gained nationwide attention. He has also advocated for prominent Brazilian corporations and multinational organizations in high-profile cases. Mr. Tosto is also well-known for providing pro bono services to nongovernmental organizations.


Ricardo Tosto attended Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he attained his degree in law and later went to study business administration at the renowned FAAP. Studying these two fields have enabled Mr. Tosto to represent clients in the financial area. After completing his studies, Ricardo was employed at Rede Energia, a Brazilian utility holding company that deals with electricity energy. At Rede Energia, Mr. Tosto served as an advisor of the Human Resource and Legal Management department. He later worked as the director of Redeprev Social Security Network Foundation, a Brazilian company that provides clients with private pension plans.


Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados is among the most prominent law firms in Brazil. The law firm is highly regarded and specializes in the business sector. The law firm was founded by Ricardo Tosto and his associate Paulo Barros as a full-service law firm that specializes in business consulting and litigation. Its main clients are large public and private companies that come from relevant sectors of the Brazilian economy.


Mr. Tosto is currently a partner at the firm, and he oversees the management of critical cases, formulates strategies and gives direction in areas of doubt. He has trained most of the firm’s current associates who joined the firm as interns. Mr. Tosto specializes in the business area and deals with business restructuring, reorganization, banking contracts, acquisition review, and credit recovery.


It is undeniable that Mr. Tosto is a competent lawyer in Brazil. Both his clients and peers have praised him for the good work he does. He has received several accolades that have acknowledged his excellent job. Recently, Who’s Who Legal nominated Ricardo as one of the best Brazilian lawyers in commercial litigation. The analysis Law 500 and Legal 500 have on several occasions recognized Mr. Tosto’s work in the legal area.

InnovaCare Health: Success Through Visionary, Caring, Innovative Leadership

InnovaCare Health is a leader when it comes physician practice services and Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. The company is known for using cost-effective, sustainable models that fully integrate the most advanced technologies. A major part of the reason for their success is their innovative leadership. Two of InnovaCare Health’s most prominent leaders are CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. These two people have helped to guide the company’s actions and policies that have enabled it to provide high-quality care for its clients while remaining profitable.

Patients are the top priority at InnovaCare Health. The goal of their broad benefit coverage and coordinated care model is to ensure patients get the quality care they need regardless of their payment method. It is this focus that has made the company one of North America’s best when it comes to high-quality, innovative care in today’s diverse, constantly changing healthcare setting. CEO Shinto and CAO Kokkinides’ social service background and perspective play a major role in this. This type of patient-centered care has led to improved patient outcomes and helped redefine healthcare management.

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InnovaCare Health’s president and CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. is a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook where he earned his medical degree. He also spent over 20 years working in operational and clinical healthcare management and was a practicing internist and pulmonologist. Prior to becoming CEO of InnovaCare Health, he was CEO and president of Aveta Inc., NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company’s Chief Medical Officer and MedPartner’s vice president of Medical Management. Rick Shinto also served as Cal Optima Health Plan’s CMO. He has written numerous articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. Dr. Rick Shinto received Western University of Health Sciences Access to Caring Award.

CAO Penelope Kokkinides graduated from Binghamton University with a BS in biological sciences, has an MSW from NYU, a post-master’s advanced degree dealing with alcohol and substance abuse and graduated from Columbia School of Public Health with a masters in public health. She also spent over 20 years as a specialist in managed care and government programs. She has developed clinical programs along with managing health care operations and processes. Her focus was improving organizational infrastructure and inefficiencies. Kokkinides was Centerlight HealthCare’s executive VP and COO, COO of Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice’s corporate VP for Case and Disease Management. She has vast experience in developing, implementing and managing effective health care models.

For more about Penelope Kokkinides, check out her BizJournals profile.

UK Vintners Continue Their Long History Of Innovation And Success

The vintners of the U.K. have been operating in the wine industry for a number of centuries since the U.K. Vintners Company was established more than 650 years ago in London. Over the course of the last few centuries the importance of wine in Britain has grown to bring many different people, groups, and individuals into it as new growing techniques have brought more than 130 vineyards to the U.K. by 2016; there are now 25 members of The Society of Vintners, a group that has its history in two groups formed in the 1960s and 70s.

Vintners Limited is a wine merchant based in the United Kingdom. It is an association that is consists of up to twenty-five members, serving the whole isles of British. Family-owned enterprises make up the majority of member companies.

The managers of these enterprises decided to merge with like-minded business people who were operating similar companies, with the aim of obtaining rates that are competitive for an exceptional, satisfying variety of wines that are provided entirely for sale via the network of the consortium. This emphasis of exclusivity is the main difference between the independent consortium members and national operators, and the members treasure it very much.

One member is given the responsibility of negotiating with a potential supplier from a distinct wine producing firm and offer a broad range of recommended brands to the committee. After an in-depth deliberation on the quality, service, and price, the committee decides whether or not to stock the preferred wine. Wine is purchased online and shipped out broadly from Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, California, and Argentina.

The current United Kingdom Vintner was born from Vintner’s Company. The success story Vintners’ Company is a very interesting one. It was granted the first Charter in the year 1363, and it is now among the London’s “Twelve Great Livery” Companies. With its ancestry soaked in the London city’s history, plus the importation, regulation and selling wine online, Vintner’s Company never cease to maintain a very strong connection with the United Kingdom’s wine trade, Vintners’ Hall (, which is popularly called the spiritual home of trade. Through its social, charitable, educational and trade interests, Vintners in the UK continue to perform a crucial role up-to-date.

Although the company’s economic and social traditions that bore it have long been replaced by the advancement of commerce and industry, it still flourishes. It has acquired in a new, valuable role for as a fundamental component of 21st wine trade while concurrently proudly maintaining the traditions responsible for its greatness.

To join the Vintners, the interested company is supposed to be operating in the wine trade in the UK. Some of the top wine producers include; Bodegas Atamisque(Mendoza, Argentina), Henschke Estate (Barossa, Australia), Leconfield Wines (Coonawarra, Australia), EdoardoMiroglio (Thracian Valley, Bulgaria) and Valle Secreto (Cachapoal Valley, Chile.

Vintners have made it easy for clients to buy their preferred wine online by providing all the necessary information. Its employees are very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Vintners perform many different tasks and services in the industry, but were originally created in a bid to bring the best in wines to the U.K. from across Europe; in the 21st century, vintners have expanded their work to include bringing wines into the country from North American and Australian growers and winemakers. The Society of Vintners provides a good example of how vintners operate in choosing the wines they will sell at locations across the U.K. In its work The Society of Vintners has a number of specialist tasting groups who come together around four times each year to taste different grape varieties and pick the best wines to sell in their locations; the specialist groups work with a focus on finding the highest quality wines before turning their attention to finding wines to fit into each price range.

The wine industry is changing all the time and like many different industries the need to look Online to sell products is becoming more important than ever before. As with all Online purchases being made the best options in buying wines via the Internet is to look for those wines sold through major groups, such as The Society of Vintners.

Vintners are wine experts who can provide those purchasing wine online with advice and recommendations on which wines will meet their needs based on their already established wine drinking habits that form a small part of the wine industry in the 21st century.