Jason Halpern: Innovative, 3rd. Generation Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a third generation real estate developer. Since 2010 he has been in control of JMH Development, the family business. The company has been doing commercial and residential development in New York for more than 50 years. Currently JMH Development has over $500 million invested in projects throughout the region. One of their latest developments is the creation of 340 luxury apartments by the transformation of a former warehouse located at 184 Kent. As part of a project called the Townhouses of Cobble Hill JMH Development has also provided the greater Brooklyn area with 9 luxury townhouses.

Because of his family’s background in real estate development Jason Halpern is very different from many of the other developers working today. For one thing he is committed to developing innovative new commercial and residential properties all over New York. Plus he has also made developing historic buildings something of a niche. He has a unique vision and foresight to make innovative changes to the structures. Halpern is passionate about returning these buildings to their former glory and is cognizant of their historical meaning and significance to the communities in which they are located.

Jason Halpern

Another outstanding thing about Jason Halpern is his ability to quickly develop a rapport with the stakeholders in the communities in which he does his projects. Whether they are city officials or neighborhood residents his open, honest communication style enables him to break down pre-existing barriers and settle on development plans that please everyone involved. He is guided by the principle that it’s essential to respect the community you are working to develop. This helps him to decide on the direction the development should take and what best suits the needs of the community in which it’s built.

Over the past five decades JMH Development has developed a stellar reputation. In Westchester County they’ve developed Class A commercial space in the millions of square feet as well as putting up hundreds of apartment buildings. Jason Halpern has inherited all of this and is using his foresight to acquire and develop many pioneering properties using the expertise he gained from working with his family.


Halpern is also committed to sharing his time and resources in support of charitable endeavors. He’s made significant investments in Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level I Trauma Center has the staff and facilities to handle open-heart surgery, reattachment of severed limbs, burn victims, life threatening internal injuries, orthopedic surgery and complex emergency neurosurgery. It also offers services for children and pregnant women. Jason Halpern and JMH Development also donates $20,000 to fund global water projects every time someone signs a contract at their Three Hundred Collins development in Miami.

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