Eric Lefkofsky Promotes Data-Centric Cancer Therapy

Eric Lefkofsky is known to the world for being the co-founder as well as CEO of Tempus. But it is also important to know how the idea for this startup came about.

Mr Lefkofsky wants to fine-tune the treatment of cancer by making it data driven. He feels that even though a lot of patient data is available, there is a lack of sources to combine genomic information along with therapeutic data.

He says that having a lot of molecular data is not enough. This is because clinical data is also required. There has to be therapeutic data along with data on outcome response. This has to be combined with the information about the DNA and RNA makeup of patients. This will help clinicians in knowing how they will be responding to treatments.

In fact, such kind of data needs to be available freely to researchers and clinicians, and all other associated people. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Groupon. He was motivated to start with his venture to form Tempus once his wife was diagnosed with cancer. This was when he realized that oncologists were facing a difficulty in doing their jobs due to lack of data. Basically, they lacked the data on how any given treatment will work for any given specific types of patients.

This is how the idea of Tempus came up. It is a layer of technology on top of the existing electronic medical records as well as pathology systems. This helps to aggregate the given data, prune it as per specifications and then feed this refined version back to its original source. This is done to ensure validation as well as verification. There will be a larger data pool that will combine all the data of the patients. This can be used for finding any common patterns between the treatments and results.

Eric Lefkofsky wants people working in oncology as well as on neurological disorders to use this platform for collecting data and using it for analysis. In fact, he feels that all need to make use of this data in order to treat their patients better.


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