The “Evolution of Smooth”

When it comes to good lip care products, lip balms are some of the most commonly used products. Whether you’re male or female, young or old; these products serve a purpose easily and effectively. Some of the biggest names in the field are Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, and Bistex, but there is a new rival on board these days and it’s turning the industry upside down. Refer to this blog,

EOS, which is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth is breaking old barriers and setting a new mark in advanced lip care. EOS lip balms are loaded with organic nutrients unlike it’s competitive counterparts. These healing agents affectively treats lip issues that people are effected by throughout the year. The brand is probably the most popular lip balm of today and it’s growth rate is rising by the months, see more story. Many high profile individual have been spotted applying the brightly colored medicine in public which has helped the brand explode with new buyers. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian can be seen attributed with the brands success, but it’s selective marketing practices are the bread winner here. Since many females tend to use lip balm consistently compared to males, Evolution of Smooth has targeted this demographic which has resulted in huge sales. These sales come out to around $1 Million units sold per week. Wow! No other previous brand has achieved these numbers in such a short period of time.

Evolution of Smooth is an industry leader and it’s eye catching containers are lined on the shelves of many prominent retailors shelves such as Walmart, Target, Lucky Vitamin, and The brand really appeals to the senses, which is one of it’s current slogans. By the year 2020, Evolution of Smooth is projected to be at $2 Billion in sales and will stand along as the best lip balm on earth.


Avaaz Empowers the Globe

In 2007 Avaaz was founded in the United States with the noble goal to unite innovators from around the globe to close the gap between the world as it is and the world how people would like it to be. This is reflected in the name of the organization, Avaaz means voice in several Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

The employees work with local populations to erase political corruption, reform environmental policy to eliminate climate change, alleviating poverty, and ensuring the safety of food sources from genetically modified food organizations.

The group consists of over 44 million members and hosts campaigns in 15 languages. Grassroots efforts the group engages in range from calling campaigns, online petitions, financing media advertisements about campaigns, emailing local policy makers, and offline protests and other local activities.

The focus of the organization is decided by its members through polling and randomly checking member groups for satisfaction with the course the group is taking. Results are available online, providing a great amount of transparency across all parts of Avaaz.

When a situation becomes a crisis, Avaaz works to make the most of a challenging situation and have the most impact possible. For example, by smuggling photographers in Syria during the recent outbreak of civil war, Avaaz was able to better educate the world on what was occurring in the war-torn country. This urged other groups to lend aid and act to help refugee’s.

Understanding an internet free of oversight and easily accessible by all is paramount to impacting change, Avaaz has worked to secure net neutrality in the United States and the Europen Union. The group has also worked to provide internet connections in Iran and other countries during times of crisis to allow protestors to effectively organize and communicate.

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How Equities First is Being Recognized as a Great Solutions Option of Lending

Equities First Holdings is offering its borrowers opportunities of obtaining loans under terms that are not only practical, but of which are some of the most competitive that are available in the industry of lending solutions today.Equities First Holdings understands that businesses and high net-worth individuals, which are the two main entities they offer their particular loans to, have their own personal scenarios, circumstances, and obligations that they’re dealing with.

Each of the entities of businesses and high net-worth individuals have their own particular reasons for wanting to obtain capital. Whichever your particular case may be, it’s recommended for you to ensure that you know exactly what you’re looking for in a loan. You may be looking for a short term loan, one of which will often come with a slightly bit higher of an interest rate than if you were wanting to obtain a long-term loan, or you may be looking to obtain separate loans within a specified period of time, for instance, for two separate tasks/goals of yours. Business owners are well acquainted with goals, as they’re essentially required to set them on a regular basis to succeed. Equities First Holdings exists to provide business owners with opportunities of reaching the goals that they set much easier than if they were to try to reach them without any loans.

If you’re in need of some more information pertaining to Equities First Holdings, feel free to speak with one of the representatives of Equities First Holdings, as they’re always ecstatic to assist their borrowers. One of the best opportunities of obtaining a loan is made possible by Equities First Holdings. Why not reach out to a loan specialist of Equities First Holdings to see how you may be able to improve your business or personal situation by obtaining a loan as soon as possible?

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The Ideas of Investing in Real Estate as Suggested by Jason Halpern

The one quality that separates the true investors from the rest of the people is their ability to see a gap in the market and their innovativeness in filling that gap. To be successful as an investor, you also have to be willing to do some gambling. When you have done your due diligence, knowing that there is still a chance of failure in whatever initiative you are taking part in gives the investors that fear factor that they need to be successful in business. Jason Halpern started his investment journey several decades ago working for his father’s real estate company. He decided to quit and go work on his own company a few years later. He is now one of the most sought after developers and his busy schedule includes travelling from New York to Miami on an almost daily basis. The company that he started with a meager capital bse is now worth half a billion dollars.

He has made collaborations with several other businesses to create real estate property. These include his current project to take the Wild Turkey Bourbon and make condo units out of it. The deal is to try and get 338 condos out of the project. Another project that he was part of is the conversion of the Madison Heights Cinema into condos, a project that was done in conjunction with Madison. The madden real estate company is another partner that he has invested with in the past.

Jason Halpern: with Production

He admits that failing is part of the investment process. He gives an example of a time that he thought a deal had come together only for it to fall apart at the eleventh hour, costing him a lot. He says that the mistakes have helped him be sharper in business and to always hope for the best while expecting anything.

Jason’s Background

Jason’s Family

Jason comes from a home of real estate developers. When he is not busy at work he likes to relax with his family and other friends and business associates. The success that he has had in real estate makes him very smart investor.