David McDonald; The Secrets Of Managing Global Operations

Managing a global company is one of the greatest challenges for top managers today. A company that has units in various regions of the world cannot use the one-size-fit approach of management. It should incorporate a customized model. One company that has traversed through this challenge is OSI Group.

OSI Group has set up a global operation led by local teams under the leadership of David McDonald. OSI Group is the leading firm in the supply of protein-rich food. It operates more than 50 factories in 17 countries.

David McDonald OSI Group said that the group has sustained a global operation by utilizing local solutions driven by local talents who understand the culture and the taste of the population. One of the successful markets for OSI is China. The group has been in operation for more than two decades. One of OSI’s successful projects was serving the Olympic Games in Beijing. It supplied 113 tons of different food products. The group was recognized for its excellent delivery by the Beijing Olympic Committee. The China branch of the company supplies global food brands such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Mr. McDonald believed in trust and relationship building in operating in a unique market like China. The media recently interviewed McDonald. He revealed that China is their largest market due to its growing population. McDonald understands that keeping such a customer base is not a small fit. OSI recently expanded operation in China by opening seven production facilities. This kind of expansion is also being replicated across Europe. The expansion goes beyond opening new facilities. It also covers product development. OSI Group treats its customers as close partners. David McDonald acknowledged that the demand of consumers has increased. The partnership enables OSI to deliver according to their taste. He has also established a similar partnership with equipment manufacturers as part of quality control measures.

Mr. David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He was the project manager at one of OSI Group’s subsidiaries before assuming this role. He is also the director of OSI’s Australia unit and an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods. Mr. McDonald holds a Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University.

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