Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster Release Crucial Results on the Effects of Podcast Advertising on Brand Recall

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster released the results on the effects of podcast advertising on brand recall. This is following a market research campaign that was conducted on some of the five prominent brands that Americans use.

Throughout the study, the team that conducted research under the guidance of Tom Webster, the president of Edison Research, noted the effects of podcast advertising on the buyer’s intent to purchase. According to the research findings, the following was established and should be noted:


Over 60% of the listeners had a preference for a particular grocery store. This was a rise by 7% after the pre-study.

  • There was an increase in product preference for certain financial services grew by 47 %.
  • 37% of the listeners had a particular preference for a car and 24% of the respondents had a special preference for a garden product.


  • In the pre-study, over one-third of the interviewees preferred vehicle aftermarket merchandise. This was a rise of 18%.

22% of the interviewees stated that they would consider using a certain garden lawn product.

  • The product knowledge for a certain vehicle on promotion increased by 60%
  • The final results of the research were in the traditional restaurant that garnered 76%.


To ensure that the research was valid, Edison Research conducted three studies in separate slots. This was also done to monitor the performance of podcast advertising by PodcastOne. Learn more about Cotemar:

From the five promotional brands, it was established that some had a stellar reputation while others had a wanting reputation. For brands with a wanting reputation, most consumers had less preference for them and no intent to purchase.

Such brands require more campaign and market research. For a market research and campaign that ran for four to six weeks, it was concluded that most consumers prefer brands that have been advertised. Consequently, Norman Pattiz stated that PodcastOne would release the results independently.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a talented career executive. He was the chief executive officer of PodcastOne during the release of these results. His services in that position ended in June 2016. When he was the head cheerleader, he guided PodcastOne towards a productive stage of being the best new provider for sports, entertainment, and local news.

Through Norman Pattiz has the organization received positive public recognition following its commitment to marketing brands through podcast advertising. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. This is a leading radio network based in America.

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