Naturally Beautiful With EOS

Natural and organic products are taking over the market from every corner. Food, vitamins, cleaning products, and make up are all starting to be made with more natural and safe ingredients. This not only helps the environment but also yourself from harsh chemicals.

Lip balm is another product that is changing to meet the demand to be more natural and free of chemicals. EOS was the first to step up and get in the game! Evolution Of Smooth is made without paraben and petrolatum but does contain good stuff like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to keep your lips healthy. EOS is also hypoallergenic so it’s safe to use!

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Another thing that keeps them apart from the competition is the container. It’s a sphere instead of a cylinder, soft to the touch instead of cold plastic, and has little curves to make it easy to hold. Each container has a fun color so you can get the right one to match your style, see this site.

Each color EOS container has a different flavor to match it. If you like to mix things up, you can have a different flavor lip balm for every day of the week! Some flavors include honeysuckle honeydew, passion fruit, and sweet mint. Shop here at!

For your night out on the town, you can nourish your lips while adding shine with their shimmer spheres. Those come in the same sphere containers and also have fun flavors. When you are enjoying a day at the beach or out enjoying a nature walk, you can protect your lips and keep them soft with the active protection smooth spheres that contain an SPF to keep them safe from the sun.

EOS is all about keeping your lips comfortable with natural ingredients. You can go find yours at most stores for about the same price as other lip balms. Check out for more products.


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